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Vistacalma in the mountain

A cottage complex located in the middle of the Cordillera. Vistacalma offers a true mountain life.

Vistacalma en la montaña

Spending  the night in a cabin on the mountain is one of the most longed practices by Mendoza.  Everyone has gone once at least, but, many others, we do it more periodically. So we can compare the different experiences we spent in the different lodgings we visited.  The common denominator of cabins in   Potrerillos  is that of a small and old house, with heterogeneous crockery and uncomfortable beds.  With shutters on the windows and light curtains that do not reach their role. Small double beds and low bunk beds, with difficulty for those who have to sleep downstairs. However, there are exceptions. Like, for example,  Vistacalma .

The cabins built in recent years have opted for a new concept. Encouraging tourists staying in their resorts not only to sleep and then walk along the mountain.  But, in this new conception, people enjoy being “locked between four walls.”  It is that, in this case, there are four quality walls, with comfortable and level furniture. With electrical appliances, air conditioning, heating and wood burning, just to give color to the living room.

 The complex 

This is how Vistacalma is presented. It is a  complex of 17 cabins with capacity for 2 to 6 people. The development began in 2011 and has been installed as a unique option in Mendoza mountain.  From their location we warned that their mentors thought of something different. Away from Potrerillos, the complex is located above and between the mountains. To access Vistacalma we must continue on  route 7 , passing the entrance drop to Potrerillos. About 10  kilometers  further to the west will take us to the entrance gate. From there we take a dirt street, through which we walk about 300 meters to reach the  security checkpoint, which is active 24 hours a day.  

Hospitally received by its managers, tourists get an excellent first impression. The hosts offer it as  “a private neighborhood in the mountain”.  And the concept is quite similar. The land is bounded by a fence.

The 17 units are distributed throughout the space.  Between trees, pine trees, native vegetation and dirt streets. There is also a green space for recreation with barbecue with grill, clay oven, 3 swimming pools, bathrooms and games for the little ones.  Taking a few mattes in these facilities is a unique experience.

As for the cottages themselves, they are fully equipped.  Each has a covered garage, wooden deck and steakhouse. From the outside you notice good taste, investment and design in its construction. Whereas, upon entering, everything we could imagine when we were standing at the entrance door is confirmed. King size bed spring bed, split hot and cold and windows with indelible views, in double bedroom.  On the other hand, a living room shaped like a room or a living room. It is an atmosphere with two bed bases arranged in the form of a sofa. In addition, a digital TV and a wood-burning home liven up the place.

The bathroom is presented as a completely cozy space, with faucets and furniture worthy of a high standard lodging.  On the other hand, the kitchen has all kinds of elements such as fridge, microwave, toaster, electric burners, and varied and quality dishes. 

 Something different 

Spending a couple of days in Vistacalma can become something unforgettable. It is necessary to attend provided with everything, since there are no nearby suppliers or businesses in the area. The idea, as his slogan says, is to have a  mountain life. It's rugged but comfortable. In fact, access to wifi is given only on the barbecue and, it is recommended, use it only for emergencies because a real mountain life is only lived if you are in full contact with nature.

Publication Date: 14/10/2020

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