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Two rural circuits you can't miss

The Lavalle department offers a different tourist option. It offers two rural circuits to connect with the landscapes, life and customs of the countryside.

Dos circuitos rurales

 The department of  Lavalle  is located 35 kilometers north  of the  city of Mendoza  . Famous for their melons and goats, lavallinos have also been able to exploit another type of tourism,  rural . It is that, Lavalle, is characterized by being the place with the greatest living history of the huarpes and the original peoples of our province.  Exploiting that, plus the countryside landscapes and the hospitality of its inhabitants, offer two highly recommended rural circuits.  


The first, with personalized attention, in an environment, quiet, safe and in harmony with nature, is in the  native village of La Asunción . It is located  90 kilometers from the city of Mendoza . In it, family work has been passed on and maintained from generation to generation.  There are 5 family groups that inhabit the area, respecting and sharing the true Huarpe culture. The people of La Asunción offer gastronomic proposals with typical meals such as sopaipillas  (also known as torta fritas, whose recipe we leave you  here ). In addition, the washbasins  in this area also feature leather braiding workshops, artistic representation of old legends of the area, horseback riding and, of course, accommodation.  Tourists who arrive to the place leave with full expectations. They know they won't find luxuries or ostentatious entertainments. On the contrary, they come waiting to have to research and search for local attractions. However, the hosts are waiting for them and, therefore, they end up getting a much more interesting tourist option than they thought they would find.

But that's not all. At different times of the year, there are several programmed cultural offerings that populate tourists in the area. The  feast of the virgin of La Asunción , in mid-August, is one of those milestones.

On the other hand, there is a rural tourism network which consists of seven districts, between urban and rural. In this sense, it is important to mention that  Lavalle points its production matrix to the production of the field, when only three percent of its soil belongs to an oasis, with characteristics for agricultural production. The rest of the territory is a real   desert.    

In these districts we have the chance to know the food and traditional folklore of the area. But, we can also taste homemade wines and olive oils, with the explanation and assistance of its doers. On the other hand,  it is a fair place to visit farms, vineyards and do cycling tours. 

 Municipal participation 

The  Municipality of Lavalle has become an advisor to this group of people looking to offer themselves as a tourist attraction with these two rural circuits . The proposal conceives rural tourism as a collective and consensual construction. In this way, the profile of the entrepreneurs that make up the team is varied and for all tastes. Meanwhile, the offer is intended for those who prefer to know local attractions related to the history and way of life of the local community.

In this proposal the tourist can be the protagonist of  agricultural and artisanal production with its methods of cultivation, animal breeding, ancestral techniques of indigenous handicrafts, family production of home-made wine, honey tasting, biodin sweets andaacute; micos, art shows, activities for children and the appreciation of a peaceful landscape. 

These experiences that combine nature and identity bring visitors closer to the hospitality of the man from the villa or the countryside, with personalized attention, participating in weaving workshops on loom or braiding in leather and, of course, savoring the exquisite traditional gastronomy.

Publication Date: 13/10/2020

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