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Tips for going to Valle Hermoso

This is one of the most spectacular places that exist in Mendoza, we leave you some tips to keep in mind.

 Valle Hermoso  lagoon looks out after a gravel road and on top of some snails that allow the descent towards it. They are, undeniably, next to  Laguna del Diamante , the most imposing landscapes that nature has given us to Mendoza.  Access is allowed since the beginning of December and, as soon as the approval was given for entry, tourists, avid of nature, coped the facilities.  

 From different parts of Mendoza, Córdoba, Buenos Aires or Santa Fe, hundreds of people arrived by bicycle, pickup, motorcycles and even private cars, despite the difficulty of the 27-kilometer gravel road between Las Leñas and Valle Hermoso.  Next, we leave you some recommendations to consider.

 Trained vehicles.  To access Valle Hermoso it is imperative to pass, previously, through  Las Leñas . To there, the road is all asphalted, come from Malargüe, from San Rafael or from the City of Mendoza. But from the ski center,  the road becomes winding, sloping and with obstacles such as steps formed by water, large stones and streams.  Therefore, it is recommended to travel this part in trained vehicles such as motorcycles, vans or bicycles. However, armed with patience, and considering that on many occasions we will have to travel by man's step, one can advance in a common car.

 Bring supplies.  Valle Hermoso has a unique campsite, located on the coast of the lagoon.  It charges $300 per person and has camping spaces.  In addition, there are a few cane roofs with tables and chairs, but you have to be lucky to find some vacant. The site offers bathrooms, albeit in a controversial state. It usually runs out of water and, therefore, conditions become inhumane. In addition,  the place has a living-dining room that sometimes offers menus with typical local meals such as lamb al disco. However, it is not well provided with beverages or other services.  Therefore, the recommendation is to carry, absolutely, everything we will need, both food and survival.

 Hot and cold.  It's elementary to wear sunscreen. At that height and without any kind of tree in tens of kilometers around,  the sun hits really hard.  We must be permanently smeared with cream, even when we think we're sheltered in some shade.

The temperature, in summer, the only time when you can visit this place, is totally extreme.  The thermal amplitude is considerable and therefore you have to be prepared for everything . During the day, as soon as the sun manifests itself, the heat becomes strong. Some even venture into the lagoon, even with freezing temperatures. However, in the evenings, the thermometer reaches almost zero and it is necessary to warm up with thick camperas or light a fire in the allowed areas.

 A hill as a wall.  One of the sides of the Valle Hermoso lagoon, more precisely, the one in front of the camping area, is occupied by a very high hill. This is a great advantage, not only because of the contaste and the landscape that is generated, of the water contained by that massif, but because it serves as a wall that casts shadow on us in the first moments of dawn.  So the sun takes time to hit the tents and allows us to sleep a little longer, because anyone who has camped in the open air knows that as soon as the sun gives in the   tent , it warms up and the heat wakes us up. Something that happens around 6 in the morning. Instead, in this case, until 8 o'm we have a shadow.

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