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Three steps in a cellar

The Mendoza wineries offer an excellent alternative to go out and eat. We were in one and we told you the three steps that make up their menu.

Las bodegas mendocinas Finca Decero

Going out  to eat in a winery has become one of the most chosen activities by Mendoza during this time of quarantine , where little by little they have been flexibilizing and allowing some proposals. That is the case of eating in a restaurant that, under strict protocol, was resumed there in June or July. However, not all gastronomic venues could comply with the aforementioned protocol. The rules marked a certain distance between the tables, a maximum number of  diners , reduced capacity and so many others. Thus, the wineries made a difference, since they generally offer ample spaces for dining, many outdoors, where the conditions for the coronavirus not to spread, are optimal. Therefore, there  are more and more Mendoza who opt for the three-step menus that these offer to have a good time between friends and family.  

But of course, this is not only in quarantine times. The  restaurants of the wineries ,  in their essence, are designed for tourists. Both for the type of local food they offer, and the price they ask for their dishes and wines.  However, in this context, Mendoza has coped their tables and that is why we can review what they have for their customers.

  Finca Decero  

The Finca Decero winery is one of the many that exist in Mendoza with a great gastronomic offer. While there are many that serve menus up to 7 steps, it offers a three-step menu, more than enough.  Throughout the menu there are carnivorous and vegetarian alternatives, for all tastes . The menu is as follows:

- Soup of carrots and tangerines, sunflower praline, crunchy parsley and cheese sablee.
- Entrana cake, grape and ripe cheese accompanied by pickled eggplants.

- Beef fillet with chimichurri, cream of potatoes and caramelized onions, spinach emulsion
- Short pasta, sauteed vegetables and mushrooms, roasted pumpkin cubes, curry cream

Creamy chocolate and potato dessert , Malbec jelly, oranges diplomat and roasted banana cream

  Menu paired with: 
Decero Malbec 2017
Decero Cabernet Sauvignon 2017
Decero Syrah 2017

At the time of writing this article, mid-September,  the menu per person costs $1,800 . Although you can also ask for the option for  abstamios for $1,550 . A number that, due to the quality and quantity of food and drink, and by location, is completely suitable.

  The place  

Wonderful. Magnificent. A real postcard. Of those places where it is nice to sit down to contemplate the space that surrounds us for hours, and imagine and project a family matteada in those gardens or a summer dive into the artificial lagoon.  The image composed between the vineyards, the lagoon, trees and plants and the   Cordón del Plata in the background is worthy of being portrayed by the most qualified brush or captured by the more flattered lens.  

One can sit down to eat inside or outside. Definitely, if we go in spring, summer or on a warm winter day, the outside is the best option. On the green lawn.

You have to write down and remember this option for when you visit Mendoza. Finca Decero  is located 37 kilometers south of   Mendoza City .  In the outstanding town of Agrelo, the place of wineries par excellence. While the last 4 kilometers are dirt,  along a road in acceptable condition, we recommend to arm yourself with patience, go slowly into that dreamy place.

Publication Date: 15/10/2020

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