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Three mountain cafes you have to visit

On your tour of Mendoza, there are three mountain cafes where you have to stop, taste their delicacies and enjoy the unique landscapes.

Tres cafés de montaña que tenés que visitar

A couple of hours during the week or a whole Sunday. Any time is ideal for Mendoza to make  a getaway to our beautiful and beloved mountain . It's a matter of getting in the car and facing west. In 20 minutes the first hills appear, and in 40, the mountain embraces us.  We can go with the mate, buy some scraped pancakes or sopaipillas along the way, and spend an unforgettable time surrounded by nature. But, for those who like to sit in a comfortable and comfortable place and be cared for, there is another itinerary. That's why, here we tell you about three mountain cafes that you have to visit  as you pass through the Mendoza mountain range.

 Between Two:  famous for its  alfajores .  Twice elected as “the best alfajores in the country” at the National Festival of Alfajor.  What started as a factory ended up becoming a place to sit and have a good coffee. Not only accompanied by alfajores, but also  chocolates, croissants and many delicacies prepared on site.  They even have their own  food truck  and, in this way, they are present in how much Mendoza party is organized.

However, returning to the mountain itinerary, in this case we are talking about the Entre Dos café that is located on RP 82, passing the entrance of the  playita de Luján ,  30 kilometers from the City of Mendoza . In the front sector there are the tables where you sit and spend an afternoon of coffee, while in the back is the factory from which products sold all over the country come out,  well conditioned, with floating floor, facing the Mendoza River and with good music. 

 Hansel and Gretel:  This is a  chocolate shop , but it also serves coffee and all items relating to a breakfast or a half afternoon. This cafe is a little further away than the previous one. It is located in the heart of Potrerillos,  in the town of Piedras Blancas, 84 kilometers from the City of Mendoza . The area is usually covered with snow in winter, which makes it a place of fairy tale, as indicated by its name.

The infrastructure is made of wood and its forms worthy of the top of a children's story, with logs, stones and a fireplace with eternal smoke. And, in case snow is scarce at some point, a little white paint on the window skirting and on the eave of the roof simulate that the phenomenon has occurred.

In the front yard, on the side, there is a kind of foodtruck without wheels.  There one can buy “to take away”. But the full experience is lived only if we enter to consume in the premises. The interior is also all made of wood and very warm. With a salamander as a heat source . In addition, down a few steps, we arrive at a room where regional products are exhibited, from food to clothing.

The recommended place is chocolate with churros, although you can also have a typical tea, coffee, with toast or half moons.

 La Charamusca:  a little more tucked into the deep mountain, among bushes, jarilla and typical mountain vegetation, we find La Charamusca. It is located 86 kilometers from the City of Mendoza  and is accessed by taking the detour to Vallecitos. It is a wooden house away from any other trade or housing in the area. It's literally in the middle of the mountain. The place specializes in typical Andean meals such as meat to the pot, locro or empanadas. However , it is open all day and having breakfast or mid-afternoon at their tables is also an unforgettable experience. Their own owners cater very kindly.  

This place has tables on the outdoor deck that make us feel like we are having a coffee in the middle of the Andes Mountains. And it's just that it doesn't make it feel, but we're there.

Anyone is a good choice. Any of these three mountain cafes you have to visit.

Publication Date: 16/10/2020

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