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Three gastronomic poles to enjoy in Mendoza

Restaurants and bars that offer the best of Mendoza's gastronomy. So you're not mistaken, here we leave you three poles armed depending on the type of food.

Chef preparando platos

Any place you visit, anywhere in the world, has its characteristic food. We, once, in our role as tourist, have visited a city and wanted to taste,  know and know what is that dish that makes the tradition and custom of that town or capital . If you travel to Mendoza in search of its typical food you will have plenty to choose from. Arrope, Mendoza tablet, humita in chala, fried cakes, steak in the pot, seasoned paws, and the famous scraped pancakes for breakfast or snack. You can also taste the traditional roast with a variety of regional salads and desserts, empanadas, pot, carbonada, chicken casserole or disco vegetables. We leave you three gastronomic poles that exist in the capital province. Each of them is characterized by a type of food, price and quality of service.

 Arístides Villanueva Street 

The general information about this picturesque street, so important to the people of Mendoza, you can  click here . However, the strictly gastronomic I explain below.  In general, it is a street of bars, where to be offered, mostly, unprepared meals and well-known   brunch .

As if to create an imaginary timeline, keep in mind that,  in its beginning, it was a residential street, with majestic and huge houses . In fact, among so many restaurants, there is still some inveterate neighbor who has refused to sell and that is how he lives, among the jolgorio that is breathed on that avenue.  Then it became a bars-bowling area.  The night fun stretched until 6 in the morning, with music, drinks, people, quarrels and everything that means a danceable place. But for  a couple of years it is one of the many gastronomic poles we have in Mendoza. 

In addition to the typical hamburgers, lomitos and breweries  there were establishments offering typical meals. Being able to find keppes, wrapped children, phalafel and hummus for those who like oriental food. Also local Peruvian food that allows you to try ceviche, potatoes a la huancaine or loin sautéado, along with others that offer Mexican tacos, sushi and of course those who offer the typical meals of the province.

 Juan B. Justo Street 

This is one of the newest gastronomic poles we have in Mendoza. The street runs from east to west, parallel to Arístides Villanueva and is separated from it by no more than a kilometer. The cards are varied and with prices that do not leave any diner aside. There are those who share a family lunch because the dishes and prices vary depending on what you want to eat, up to a night of friends in an unstructured bar. Cafés and breweries are also available.

 Arauca Mall in Maipu 

 Just over 15 kilometers from the city of Mendoza is the department of Maipú . This, in turn, a little further away from its city center, has an open-air shopping center: Arauca Mall. Here we find restaurants that offer and satisfy any taste and craving that may have a diner who arrives there.  It is also the typical place to go “see where we eat”. Then one walks, looks at the cards or menus, and selects the one that suits you most. You can eat sushi, pizza, meat, pasta, minutes, etc. 

Thus, we have gathered only three of the many gastronomic poles in Mendoza. In the next content we will move a little further away from the city to explore other offers of restaurants and bars in Mendoza.

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Publication Date: 18/09/2020

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