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Things to do near Islas Malvinas Stadium

Islas Malvinas Stadium is a pride for Mendoza, home to the World Cup and the Copa America. Today we tell you what you can see near him.

Estadio Malvinas

If we travel to the south west of the  capital of Mendoza  , the wineries sprout around the road. All areas prepared for wine tourism where in addition to visiting them most offer different types of tastings and, of course, the sale of their wines. Among the most chosen by visitors are those whose labels pierced generations such as Chandon, Trapiche and Nieto Senetiner.


On the way to Potrerillo on the RP 82 40 kilometers from the stadium you will find access to the Cacheuta hot springs, a perfect place for a full-day excursion to the Hot Springs Park or overnight in your Hotel & Spa. Each of its spaces stimulates all the senses, such as floating in a thermal bubble bath or immersing yourself in a fresh water pool, breathing in that new air that is only close to Los Andes, complemented by the sound of the Mendoza river that passes a few meters away.

hot springs of cacheuta in mendoza

On the same route and about 20 kilometers from the thermal baths, to the west, is the Potrerillos reservoir. A large mirror of water of 1500 hectares opened in 2001. The place has a fascinating setting with the mountains enclosing it. For those who want to add adrenaline, rafting, trekking, rappelling, mountain biking, horseback riding, kayaking, climbing, canopy, sailing, windsurfing, boating. There are also sport fishing options, where you can get good specimens of rainbow and brown trout, as well as pejerreyes.

A trip to the northwest

If we travel 48 kilometers northwest of the capital of Mendoza, by the RP 52, you will reach the Villavicencio Natural Reserve. A private space dedicated to preserving local flora and fauna. Among the first are species of San Juan flower, chañar, jarillas, retamas, sweet carob. As for fauna, the reserve is inhabited by guanacos, vizcachas from the mountains, pajonal cats, pumas, red and gray foxes, maras, blackberry eagles, condors, wild cats and shocks.

villavicencio nature reserve in mendoza

Two kilometers from the entrance to the reserve are the Termas de Villavicencio at 1760 meters above sea level known for the excellent properties of its waters. In times of the colony the place was a posta on the road to Chile. The water from the hot springs is born in the leaks of the water that arises from the inside of the earth, in the form of a spring, which allows to form the hot spring piletones with these unique properties.

A little further

The RN 7 to the west and then drive 120 kilometers from Mendoza's unique stadium you reach Uspallata, the last city in importance before the border crossing to Chile. It is accessed after passing Puente del Inca, Los Penitentes and Aconcagua Park. The options on the tour are varied the ideal is to imagine an overnight stay in that city to enjoy in full all that the mountains have to offer.

Publication Date: 24/04/2021

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