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The Tunduquial Hill and the native secrets of Mendoza

Located in Uspallata, at more than 2 thousand meters above sea level, the hill is an attraction for people from all over the world.

El cerro Tunduqueral y los secretos nativos de Mendoza

History lives on the ground and rocks of Cerro Tunduquial. Mystery, magic, history and an incredible contact with nature is what people who visit it can experience,  in the Lasherino district of Uspallata .  It is located seven kilometers north of the head village, on    Route 52  . The hill is called in that way by the tunduque, a small rodent that inhabits the area making small caves on the ground.

The Tunduquial Hill and the native secrets of Mendoza

The place has a historical value, as it brings together the most relevant set of  petroglyphs  (drawings and symbols etched on rock) reported for the region, made in pre-Hispanic times: more than 400 engravings made on 22 rocky supports. The hill is considered a provincial cultural heritage and, in 2015, authorities requested UNESCO to make the site part of the Qhapaq Ñan buffer area (Road System Andean) .

 Juan Schobinger, pioneer in the study of rock art in the Tunduqueria, attributed to the engravings the character of ritual and sacred, and estimated that they came from the 5th to 11th centuries. Petroglyphs, also called rock engravings, are symbolic designs made on rocks. Those at Cerro Tunduquial have suffered the passage of time and also the selfish action of humans who, on several occasions, have attacks on them. For this reason, the commune of   Las Heras  had to carry out different actions to protect the place and you cannot enter this open-air museum without your permission. 

The Tunduquial Hill and the native secrets of Mendoza

 The lands where the hill is located belong to the Argentine Army and the municipality manages the place in terms of development, care and maintenance. Regarding the conservation of cave drawings. In addition, in the cushioning area of the hill, the current parking beach, they are making some toilets (a dry bath system) that will soon be at the service of the visitor.

Last year, members of the Human Paleoecology Laboratory of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and CONICET carried out the renovation and placement of the new information signage on the site of this archaeological park.

 Hiking and hiking nights 

 The sky in this sector is a real spectacle and, on full moon nights, the hill has a privileged view . Therefore, the commune organizes  night walks  that are taken by visitors from all sides, who can not help but be amazed at the set of history and natural beauty that encloses the place.

 It is considered a magical site and with a special energy. Surely it is because of the peace that transmits the place, away from everyday life and the rhythm of life that one leads in the city. Because of the pandemic it had to be closed to the public, but they already have all the protocols ready for its new operation. The idea is to start weekends and holidays with small groups, maintaining the distance and taking into account that the hill has a capacity for up to 20 people .

The place is very frequented by national and international visitors, also educational and social tourism. It should be noted that, in normal times, the place is open 365 days a year. In addition, the hill is one of the most interesting historical-archaeological tourist attractions in the region and the staff of the Directorate of Tourism of Las Heras offer guided tours, which allow you to experience experiences and stories of the first inhabitants with whom you can experience experiences and stories of the first inhabitants with whom they can be found.or the village of Uspallata.

Publication Date: 26/12/2020

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