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Villavicencio's new attraction

Park rangers from that nature reserve photographed a new animal. Guanaco albino is quite a rarity that deserves to be known.

Those who have ever visited the  Villavicencio nature reserve  will have noticed the  ease with which you can see the native fauna . And if you haven't, it's a must stop on your next visit to Mendoza. Anyway, we should all come back, as the albino guanaco found in recent days is not very common. It's definitely an opportunity we can't miss.

 The Villavicencio nature reserve has an area of 62 thousand hectares. In it there is a mineral water supply,  a  road  to get from Mendoza Capital is highly recommended (connects with Uspallata) and one of the most beautiful landscapes of our mountain range since, exceptionally, the area is rather wet and green.

The tour of the reservation starts at the Visitor Center. On its self-guided trails you learn about the flora, fauna the geological characteristics of the place.

Those who want to generate adrenaline in their trips are offered the tour along the Camino de Caracoles, to one of the viewpoints. Instead, those wishing to venture along cornice roads with great views and contemplate the wildlife in its natural habitat, we suggest a tour that culminates in Uspallata.

 Control by animals 

But that's not all. This reservation has strict control of the personnel that protect it. Rangers are responsible for ensuring that  no one lights fire to eat roast, make visitors aware of contributing to the environment, and apply severe fines to those who do not comply . All this generates a favourable place for animals to show a little more extroverted and intrepid.

So, walking around Villavicencio becomes, as we said, a whole  mountain safari. Condors, foxes, common guanacos, cougars, hares, and now an albino guanaco are seen when walking or even driving car.  And, if we don't scare them, they get closer than we'd suppose.

 The most sought after  

In that context,  seeing an albino guanaco is a novelty . It was in 2017, when CONICET researchers published a report on the subject. And it is these days, when Ranger staff photographed one, warning it was a unique moment. It's just, you know,  these animals have low life expectancy . On the contrary,  common fur guanacos have shown a population growth of 35% in recent years.  

 Interest Data 

The reservation is located at RP 52, Km. 50. Las Heras, Mendoza.

Open from Monday to Sunday from 9:30 to 18:00 (Entrance until 17:15)

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