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The first outdoor sports complex

Wakeboarding, cycling, climbing, skating and other sports can be practiced in one place, at El Roble Wake Complex.

El primer complejo de deportes al aire libre

 At 13 kilometers from the City of Mendoza, in the department of   Maipú , there is a property where, since January 22  , the first outdoor sports complex in Mendoza operates. All the adrenaline of extreme sports is concentrated in one space.

 Germán Griffouliere is one of the mentors  and founders of this innovative complex. In Mendoza there are many people who love water sports, such as wakeboarding (water skiing on a board) and, so far, there is only the  El Carrizal  dam to practice them, at least in Gran Mendoza. That is why the option of this complex will be highly valued by everyone.

“The project consists  of a 200 meters lagoon , where you can practice wakeboarding, in a different modality than what is the boat, as practiced in El Carrizal. They are two towers with a draft cable that takes you and brings you permanently, in a lagoon that is full of modules such as ramps or sliders. Thus,  the lagoon is on a more interesting level for the most experienced and professional.   But it is also ready for beginners,” says Germán, so that no one is scary. That is to say,  if you are a water lover, but you are not very fond or practitioner of these disciplines, you will also have a place.  

The first outdoor sports complex

All the public will be welcome, “ there are teachers, rental, classes and everything for the development of this sport. There are also other types of attractions because it is not a wake park, but it is a sports complex.   That is why there is a pump trike circuit (special ripple tracks), which is similar to the pump trak. There will also be a half, which is a much larger mini ramp, for more professional levels, palestra and a mini ramp for  skaters .”

 High expectations 

After so long working, “expectations are very high. Above all,  for the time it took us to do the project. This is born from a group of friends who practice all kinds of outdoor sports in Mendoza , such as snowboarding, climbing, wakeboarding. The main idea since we did this project was to give our bit to expand the range of outdoor sports possibilities in Mendoza.”

 The place and consumption of water 

Mendoza is a province where  water is scarce , which is why this type of complex is looked at by more than one, since a lot of water is used. However, Germán was very aware of his idea: “ This project was built on a 9 hectare estate, but we currently have 2 occupied. For this we made a completely waterproofed lagoon, with 800 microns of geomembrane.   This allows water to not leak. The lagoon is 200 meters, by 40 meters, by 1.50 meters, which implies  12 thousand cubic meters . We were able to fill that in 4 months, with the irrigation permit we currently have, without desupplying water to the rest of the farm that is left. In these two hectares we have a whole sprinkler irrigation system. And as for the rest of the land, we are doing a drip irrigation system, for greater use of the resource. This is how we built, without having to ask for special permits, but with the normal use of water that this farm already had.”

Write it down. You already have one more activity to do in Mendoza, when you come to visit us.

Publication Date: 19/01/2021

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