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The Feast of the Mendocinos

I'm sure you've ever heard of the National Harvest Festival. It is the jewel of the Mendoza people. The Harvester Party.


It's an international high level artistic show. Its preparation requires a lot of time, effort and budget. The best directors, actors, musicians, dancers and artists in general yearn to participate in the realization of the National Harvest Festival. It's one of the things that identify Mendoza in the rest of the world . However, in its essence, the Fiesta has another objective. As its name marks it, the show seeks to value the effort of thousands of harvesters from the harvest season. Because that's what “vintage” means, it's the time of grape harvest .

The Festival was first held in 1913, but only to celebrate the end of the harvest, in April. Only in 1938 was it held on stage and with artistic innovations.

Date and place

Thus, it is easy to understand the date on which it takes place, the second weekend of March. The grape harvest begins in January and ends in April, but the peak of this work is in the third month of the year. That's why, on that date, the Greek theater Frank Romero Day dresses up. It's the only time of the year when this scenario is used, something to correct as Mendoza. As its name suggests, it is a Greek style theater, with a huge stage, with slopes and high height, surrounded by stands in the shape of a crescent, with capacity for more than 15,000 people.


As explained above, the Harvest Festival is a cultural show that no protagonist of the Mendoza scene wants to miss. That's why it is prepared one year in advance. To do this, the province's culture authorities invite all artistic, theatrical or audiovisual filmmakers to submit proposals for script, with storyline, sound, costumes, etc. Later on, the winner is announced and the winner begins the fine-tuning.


vintage castings are held in mid-January. Of as with the director, the authorities summon all dancers and artists in general to are presented for hearings before a jury. They will be the architects of the director and the previously selected work.

It's not a single night.

For many years, the Fiesta has not been limited to only the central event of Saturday night. Actually, it's a whole week that begins with the Blessing of the Fruits. Continue with Carousel and Via Blanca. Finally, the central event arrives, on Saturday, while Sunday and Monday are held what is known as the first and second repetition. In these last two cases the theatrical show is repeated identically, but in the end, bands of our national popular culture appear on stage .

Publication Date: 23/12/2019

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