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The boom of the playitas de río

In the absence of natural beach, with sand and sea, Mendoza has developed the concept of river beaches. They're in every region.

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We from Mendoza feel the need for sea, water, beach and sand. It's inevitable. You want what you don't have.  We love the mountain, and we value it, but the truth is that when summer comes, we want the   coast . And we're too far away. Because going to the Atlantic forces us to make eternal trips, overnight, or with energizing drink in between, covering more than 1,200 kilometers. And because going to Chile, whose sea is 400 kilometers away, is quite  a step in terms of customs  and immigration requirements. That's why we developed the concept of river beach.

Each river more or less important that crossing our soil, has in its vera a space that has been adapted, thanks to the intervention of man,  as a place of recreation and entertainment. Here we tell you what are the most important and visited.  

 San Carlos Beach 

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With a renovation on the road to the beach and new trails for horseback riding, jogging, cycling or walking, the San Carlos Playa season was inaugurated.  The place is located in the immediate vicinity of the bridge that connects the west of San Carlos with Tunuyan, and is already enabled to welcome tourists and neighbors.  The 20/21 season also has a new area for those who want to have a refreshing drink during the day, or dinner on the river side. The restaurant has a large number of chairs and tables that allow social distancing. 

 Lujan Beach 

what to do in mendoza

Maybe it's the pioneering department in this about turning the side of a river into a beach and a place of recreation.  He did it, first of all, with the Mendoza River and finally a few years ago he added the proposal of the beach in   El Carrizal  . In both cases, the complexes are very well equipped, with large swimming pools, paradores, shows, umbrellas, parking, among other attractions.  The opening took place on December 18, although it will not be like in previous years. Since, for this season, for reasons of public knowledge, it must be booked in advance.

 Costanera Alvear Beach 

what to do in mendoza

La Costanera Alvear can be visited from Monday to Thursday  from 14:00 to 20:00, Friday from 14:00 to 01:00, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11:00 to 21:00. 

This beach will have an entry of  $50 per person and children under 10 years old do not pay, also works the old car a place with a variety of drinks and drinks. Besides, every Friday there will be shows. You can also enjoy ziplining, sports, recreation, kayaking and good music . This beach is located on the side of the Atuel River and is a typical example of the imperial need for the beach that we have Mendoza.

Of course, for a Buenos Aires,  Rosarino , Cordovan, or any Argentine who lives closer to the coast, the river beaches will not seem tempting to him. But it can be an option to spend at least one day, considering that it is a totally different concept of “beach”.

Publication Date: 14/01/2021

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