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In and around San Rafael

We show you 5 safety pins from San Rafael and its surroundings. Urban and adventure tourism for all tastes.

We present to you   5 options to enjoy and entertain yourself in the southern oasis of the province of Mendoza.   Guided tours in   urban areas or adventures   lonely in nature. The surroundings of San Rafael make this city a place that does not limit its tourist offer to its center, but rather the attractions are correctly distributed throughout the territory.

  City Circuit  

In just a couple of hours and on foot, downtown San Rafael can be toured in its entirety, including the main   monuments and sites of the city   . Some attractions include the Cathedral San Rafael Archangel, General San Martin Square, Immigrant Square, Francia Square, Hipólito Yrigoyen Park, museums and cultural houses.   A wide gastronomic offer is also included here.   on Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue and its surroundings.

  Olive and oil paths  

There are more and better producers of olive oils and their derivatives in San Rafael. In these lands there is a   excellent combination of climatic and geographical factors that allow the production of different varietals of olive trees   , like the Arbequina, soft and scented; the Arauco, strong and colorful, is excellent and very promising. So you can visit farms and crops, extra virgin olive oil factories, from the smallest and rustic to the most prepared to receive tourists.

  Atuel Canyon  

Downstream of the lake of El Nihuil, a real   millions of years old geological wonder   manifests itself. More than   fifty kilometers of route   among colorful formations awaken the amazement of visitors. The wind and the waters of the   river Atuel   they carved in other times surprising figures that today each possess its name.

  The Reyunos  

35 km from the city of San Rafael, we find the dam   The Reyunos   , a hypnotizer   mirror of water that combines a symphony of greens and turquoise   , invites travelers to engage in various activities such as salmonid and pejerreyes fishing, boat hire, horseback riding, hiking and mountain biking, diving, tirobangi, rappelling, hiking and endless other practices that combine perfectly with the majestic natural environment and its surroundings.

  Labyrinth of Borges  

It's a   tribute that the Aldao family built   in your stay Los Alamos, where   the writer enjoyed several of his days, visiting his friend Susana Bombal   . Today locals and tourists are attending to tour and enjoy the high view of the symbology contained in the maze, from the observation tower. In addition, you can taste wines and typical gastronomy in an atmosphere perpetuated over time.

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