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Rafting, a must-have activity of a summer in Mendoza

Stronger for the daring, quieter for the fearful. Rafting in our rivers is a fixed part of our summer tourist offer.


Mountain rivers lend themselves to rafting. The fact is that the slopes that are drawn on the slopes of our summits are steep and dizzying so that the waters fall abruptly and tempting to  sail them  in gomon. Rafting is practiced throughout the province, in winter or in summer. On the Mendoza River, if you come to visit the central area. On the Tunuyán River, if you go towards the Uco Valley, and on the Atuel River, if your destination is the southern zone. Among other options.

Although of course, at this point it is necessary to describe what rafting is, for some unsuspecting. It is about  navigating the waters of a river  in a manned gomon by a  group of people,  who carry a roar and follow the order of a  guide  . They do it with safety items such as lifesavers and helmets. The idea is to go in a permanent feeling that you're going to fall, which ends up happening in some cases. The thing is, depending on how much the river comes, things can be more or less complicated. In summer the water flow is higher, while in winter the subject is quieter.

Adventure in Mendoza

 Tourists  who visit Mendoza do it, in large part, for adventure sport. The offer of rafting is added the zip line, canopy, horseback riding, quadricycles, among others. But the first is usually more accessible, safe and familiar. That is why there are multiple companies enabled for the practice of this sport.

Of all those companies, many offer something special. It's going down some of our rivers, but  at night . True, it sounds risky and dangerous, but there is a detail in all this. The  moon  serves as a giant reflector throughout the journey. Sure, when it's full. Usually, the activity is usually accompanied by a campfire, something to eat and so have a good time, since in this case the rafting itself is usually a little shorter. Obviously, this is better done in summer.

Finally, it is important to mention that, at the moment, the price of a rafting trip in Mendoza ranges from  $1000 for half a day to $3000 for the full day . However, it is always good to advise with  Ente Mendoza Turismo  or with the Tourist Directorates of the departments that offer this service such as Luján de Cuyo, Las Heras, Tunuyán and San Rafael.

Publication Date: 08/12/2019

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