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The most beautiful green space in the center of San Rafael. Place Francia is an ideal walk for the whole family, with games, restaurants and ice cream parlours.

 Hipólito Yrigoyen Street is the most important promenade  in San Rafael , for some years.   A huge number of restaurants, bars, cafes, ice cream parlors and shops in general have been set up. But, this avenue is not only an option for evening fun, but also, for the rest of the day. This is due to the  Plaza Francia , which has its entrance through Yrigoyen Street, but extends over several blocks.

This green space, located to the west of the city, generates an attractive promenade for Sanrafaelinos and  tourism . The square features a  huge fountain of water with rhythmic movement and a sculpture designed by a local artist , the restored bust of  Rodolfo Iselín  and a large number of streetlights with unique design, there are also the most beautifulparking arsenes, benches, drinkers and paper baskets. Concrete and tiled floors have special characteristics that allow to appreciate the reflection of colors.

The property also has  a commercial walk of street vendors, with uniform and aesthetically pleasing premises. The installation of a café, an ice cream parlour and other commercial premises increase the attractiveness of the place . This square bears the name of France in recognition of the founders of the colony that settled in these lands and forged the future of Saint Raphael. There is no shortage of parking docks, benches, drinkers and paper baskets.

 Shopping pole  

Regional producers and local workers often exhibit their products in the Plaza Francia.  Wines, sweets, jams, biscuits, donuts, honey, mattes, baskets and a myriad of meticulously designed and made works  can be purchased at this fair.

But, in addition, the property is chosen every summer for the installation of foodtrucks and the presentation of local artists. These proposals are attended by friends and entire families to give life to the evening of Sanrafaelina.

 Entrance gate to Hipólito Yrigoyen Park 

Hipólito Yrigoyen Park, located under the design of forests and meadows, set of trees and free spaces, is ideal for recreation.  It is a beautiful green environment to visit with family, invites you to take a break under its lush vegetation and allows you to practice outdoor activities . The main entrance to this space is the Plaza Francia.

Inside is located the  Monument to the Gaucho Argentino, the Vintage Statue and Plaza del Tango , which in summer is filled with music and dance. The Municipal Sports Centre, ideal for sports, has brick powder tennis courts, rugby, volleyball, handball, athletics and swimming pool. The  Chacho Santa Cruz Amphitheatre  is probably one of the most important buildings in the park,  its construction was carried out in the 1970s, has capacity for 7500 people seated,  has Greek theatre format (middle stage with stands in height and height), all&The Provincial  Harvest  Festival and numerous artistic shows are held annually.

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