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Note some tips for coming to Mendoza

When you visit our beautiful province, you should consider the following tips. The mountain is very nice, but you have to respect it.

Anotá algunos consejos para venir a Mendoza

After so many uncertainties and speculations, Mendoza, and so many other provinces, opened the doors to tourists. Such is so, that here we already welcome tens of thousands of people who were tempted by our rivers, dikes, mountains and gastronomic offers of the city. But  you have to be aware and responsible, and always take into account some tips to avoid accidents and any kind of misfortunes that can ruin our rest.  

With the arrival of  summer 2021 , many Mendoza prepared the bag to go for a few days to vacation in the interior of the province, but people also arrived from  Buenos Aires, Cordoba and other cities  . For this reason, from the Ministry of Security they provide advice to consider when boarding a vehicle.

Note some tips for coming to Mendoza

Among the recommendations for motorists it is advisable to always put on the seat belt, before turning on the wheel and never drive if you have swallowed alcoholic beverages.  Although obvious and imperative, they are very important norms. Also, you need to carry certain safety items such as a first aid kit, fire kicker, hydraulic jack and additional beacons . These elements will help and prevent any eventual accident that may occur on the route to the chosen place to vacation.

You always have to be informed about the state of weather.  Rain,   strong winds  and hail are weather anomalies that usually arrive on short notice  . In addition, they can vary immediately in a few meters away. On the other hand, children under 12 years of age must sit in the back with their seat belt placed and children under the age of 0 to 4 must be in a special seat seat.

Also, never exceed the number of occupants inside the rodado as this makes it impossible to use safety elements correctly.  For motorcyclists and cyclists, the use of the helmet is vital and like motorists, they must respect signs such as the permitted speeds.  

It is very important to fulfill all this, not only to avoid accidents and bad drinks, which are the fundamental reason. But we also have to comply with it to avoid severe fines that are going to generate a great headache.

 Mendoza routes 

Note some tips for coming to Mendoza

We need to make a separate paragraph to explain some details of our routes.  In general, the condition of the roads, pavement and pavement, is very good. You just have to go extremely attentive to the possibility of some   loose animal or cyclists who usually frequent the routes.  

But, on the other hand, you have to become aware if we are going to circulate through the area of  pre mountain range  and high mountain. In these ways you have to have patience.  If we have to be a few minutes behind a truck that is very slow, because we are on a very marked climb, there is no other thing to wait for a road to open for heavy load , or for the double yellow line to be finished, because they are painted for something.

It is important to understand that the lines are taking into account studies and calculations of  permissible distances and speeds . It's not a whim of the authorities. That's why we have to respect them. And finally, never think “these gobobos mendocinos, they're going very slow...” and you start moving to a long line of vehicles. Because we're not boobs, we're responsible and we know how to drive on the mountain.

Publication Date: 23/01/2021

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