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No one will be able to summit in Aconcagua

The pandemic led the Mendoza authorities to ban the promotion to Aconcagua. Only daily walks will be allowed.


Usually, in mid-October, Mendoza installs the theme of the  Aconcagua Provincial Park . Data on when it opens, how much the ticket will cost or who will pay the bailouts are invaluable topics in the headlines of the main morning. However, this year is different.

The quarantine produced by the pandemic by COVID-19 has completely changed the landscape of what is a typical summer season in Mendoza. And one of those points is the Aconcagua hill. The decision is historic.  This year no one will reach the top of the American colossus. As a result, much of international tourism will fall apart  (considering that foreign people are allowed to arrive). This is not only regretted by the state of Mendoza, as a collector of income tickets well charged in dollars. But it is also regretted by the hotel, gastronomic, excursions and so many others that used the arrival of foreigners to save, practically, the whole year.


The Park  opens, but without the possibility of spending a single night inside it.  This decision was made because,    normally, after several hours of being at high altitude, symptoms of  Acute Mountain Evil    (MAM)  begin to appear which are headache, nausea, shortness of breath and fever.Many of these symptoms are today related to coronavirus, some are the same that produces the disease. Thus, there is a  huge challenge of how to solve or how to know if you have a positive COVID-19 case or a MAM picture.  All these types of situations have been evaluated between the Ministry of Health and even with the tourism sector.

In this way, it is forbidden to climb the Aconcagua.  In this mountain that rises to 6,962 meters above sea level, the ascent to its summit takes, on average, between 12 and 15 days. It can even extend up to 20 days. 

 Trekking allowed 

However, the government stated that in recent years the number of people who do day trekking or short  trekking  through Aconcagua Provincial Park has grown substantially, and that this  will be a of the activities that Mendoza and Mendoza can continue to enjoy.The value of the ticket will remain in pesos and citizens of the province will continue to pay 50% of the ticket price. 

Once on site, before entering, a medical checkup will be carried out, which, as every year, will be carried out by the state. There, the temperature of the visitors and the symptoms with which they arrive will be taken. If national or international tourism is enabled, the same rules will apply to everyone in response to the health protocol: social distancing, use of tapabocas all the time and hygiene and personal disinfection measures such as the use of gel alcohol. 

Another new feature that will be launched at the opening will be the reservation. That is, anyone who wants to visit the park must take a turn beforehand, to avoid crowds.While these are  outdoor activities, where the risk of contagion is low, the aim is to ensure that all measures are carried out in the context that is being experienced.

Publication Date: 27/10/2020

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