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Mendoza underwater

A particular underwater activity of the main dykes of the province. Dive between mountains, for all ages.


Diving is an activity related to the sea and its depths. However, fresh water also lends itself to this. In  Mendoza  this practice is not very well known, but it has many adepts and fans.  It is suitable for all ages, without discriminating against weight or height.  

In general, the diver who practices in Mendoza comes from practicing it in other latitudes. Whether in the sea or in lakes and dams. It's just not an area suitable for the debut.  Its geography and altitude make our province a demanding place for diving. It is called high sea diving , since you are 1400 meters above sea level and in melt water. Conditions are more rugged. Many people have come from Bahía Blanca or Rosario and are not encouraged to dive here.

 Where and how to dive 

In the  Potrerillos dam , in  Los Reyunos or in Valle Hermoso. However, we will describe the experience in the first, because it is the closest to the city.  The particular thing about the Potrerillos dam is that you dive walking.  It is that you go submerging as you start walking from the coast following the path of the old route, which was covered by water in the 2000's. The landscape in its depths is unique,  between mountains and roads . Rainbow trout, mustaches or catfish, and freshwater shrimp are seen.

Diving schools offer basically the same service. With early starting point in the morning of any weekend.  Meeting at 8:00 in the city. A contingent of 10 people leaves for the dam on route 7 . We arrive type 10 and the fire department is informed that we are going to dive so that they are attentive to any accident or contingency. Moments later we arrived at the windsurfer beach.

Then comes the time for us to be conditioned. The contracted school offers the  necessary equipment : fins, bezel, compressed air tube, 7 mm neoprene suit (suitable for melt water, since sea water is 2 or 5 mm). It is entered from the coast, supported by the lead belt.

It is important to mention that a baptism  dive  lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, but those with more experience are more than an hour with an instructor.  The full service is priced approximately $3000. 

 Codes and camaraderie 

The divers of Mendoza share much more than an activity or a sport. They share a real passion, which awakens true codes of camaraderie. At the moment of being 20 or 30 meters deep only think about others, for two reasons. One, because they must assist them in any mishap they may suffer. But on the other hand, they are also attentive to the rest because it will be they who will help yourself if we have a drawback. Basically, as the saying goes, one for all and all for one.

Publication Date: 12/02/2020

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