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Mendoza in autumn, the best landscape

Summer's over, the cold's coming. Maybe there's nothing positive about autumn. Except in Mendoza, where he gives us amazing landscapes.


If when we ask, “what is your favorite season?”, someone answers “ autumn ”, we suspect that such a person is depressive, minimal. For this chronicler  it is somewhat surprising that someone can consider autumn as a favorite time, above summer . It's just, the heat goes off, the  outdoor activities , the meetings, the meetings. The holidays are over. Above, it is the anteroom for the coldest season (although winter is the preferred time for many). Then it is enigmatic that someone weighs so much in autumn.  However, if that answer goes hand in hand with  visiting Mendoza , the thing has a little more logic.  

  Trees  mutate their leaves to reddish, yellow and orange tones.  The lawn turns yellowish and the first snowfalls begin to adorn the most visible peaks of the  Andes mountain range , the mythical  Silver Cord  It is a perfect combination for the human eye, or the shutter of a camera.

 Unmissable places in autumn 

During these months, the  city of Mendoza  has its charm. The phenomenon explained above can be seen perfectly in the trees that adorn the streets and sidewalks of downtown Mendoza.  The autumn climate of Mendoza invites us to sit on the sidewalk of a cafe, warm , to watch people pass and contemplate the squares and monuments.

This station is a nice pretext to visit some  wineries  and taste the local wines and gastronomy, or to be amazed at the Protected Areas or Provincial Parks, of which Mendoza is completely proud.

The most recommended areas are in the provincial north, the dunes of the Altos Limpios, where time does not pass, or the Telteca Forest. To the west of the provincial capital, there is the Divisadero Largo Nature Reserve, a geological fault, in which we can observe the very heart of the  planet . To the south, there is the Ramsar Lake Llancanelo, a wetland in the middle of the desert, with an invaluable reserve of pink  flamingos  and black-neck swans. To the east, the Ñacuñan Reserve, which protects about 12 thousand hectares of  native carob forest  , The purpose of the creation of this reserve was to protect carob trees, which has been recovering after a period of indiscriminate logging in the early  twentieth century .

For lovers of nautical sports, there are several rivers such as Mendoza,  Atuel ,  Diamante and reservoirs such as Valle Grande,  Nihuil , Carrizal, Potrerillos,  Los Reyunos, Agua del Toro, where you can go kayaking, rafting, fishing and hiking on catamarans. On the other hand, there are a huge number of places in the mountains, for horse riding or  hiking .


However, if there is one place you can't miss in autumn, it is  Tunuyan . And, more precisely, the road to  El Manzano Histórico. It is located 120 kilometers from the city of Mendoza. But, before arriving, he gives us one of the most beautiful natural postcards offered by our province. Climbing the RP 94, 10 kilometers before reaching  destination , native vegetation, streams, reddish and orange poplars, and snowy mountains make a combination polychromatic that invites us to stop the car , get off, and contemplate what nature offers us in a simple and accessible way, but that very few take advantage of.

But, in addition, these landscapes are repeated, each with its own mark, throughout the province of Mendoza. The south area, with  San Rafael  at the head, offers similar images, but a little greener, with more moisture. There is something for every taste.

 You want to know Mendoza, see what we have to offer 

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 06/04/2020

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