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Los Reyunos, another of the puddles of San Rafael

The southern oasis of Mendoza is watered by several dams and dams that paint green both arid and mountainous soil. We show you the Reyunos.

Los Reyunos

Infinitely, we have described Mendoza, in this place, as a desert. That's the reality. However, there are two oases on our territory that give colour to our landscape. The provincial north, where most of our population is concentrated, around the Capital City and its industrial and economic pole. And the southern oasis, which, with San Rafael as its axis, is the other great point of our population and, therefore, of our economic activity. It focuses on tourism, with different destinations such as  Valle Grande, El  Nihuil  or Los Reyunos .

35 kilometers from the city of  San Rafael , we find the dam Los Reyunos, a majestic mirror of water that combines a symphony of greens and turquoise. The color of the water is given by the algae that  descend from the Diamond Canyon . Upstream, in the heart of the Cordillera and at the foot of the Maipo volcano, this river of Laguna del Diamante is born at more than 3000 meters above sea level. At that altitude, the dispersed environment allows microorganisms to proliferate, giving the water the impressive nuance.

It invites travelers to do different activities such as fishing for salmon and pejerreyes, renting boats. It is also ideal for horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking, diving, abseiling, hiking and  tirobangi , a tyrolean mode where people cross the lake through a rope, but face down and hands free. All these combine perfectly with the majestic natural environment. The Los Reyunos dam is accessed through the RN 143, its 134 meters high, are crowned by an attractive viewpoint.

The peculiarity of this artificial water mirror is that it is one of the few dikes in the country that has the pumping system, allowing to recover the water provided by reversing its turbines to reuse this important element for this great oasis of southern Mendoza.


At 11 kilometers from the dam, along a consolidated road, you reach the  Club Náutico Los Reyunos . A place surrounded by white weekend houses that descend from the mountain to the shores of the lake. In addition, you can enjoy restaurants, apart hotel, cabins and camping,  sports such as water skiing, kayaking, wake board and boating . From the jetty, boats and catamarans prepare to take visitors through calm waters in a landscape of rocky walls decorated with the bright green of the chañares and jarillas.

 Los Reyunos  Lake has an area of 734 hectares. In its waters, the sowing of fingerlings of pejerreyes is carried out. The waters of the lake maintain a temperature of 20°C, making it ideal for swimming, sport fishing and various nautical activities. In addition, on the premises you can rent boats, fishing vessels, windsurfing boards and also carry out land activities such as  horseback riding , hiking and mountain biking.

The Los Reyunos dam presents stunning and colorful landscapes, with the background of the Sierra Pintada, which changes color with daylight, and which together with the privileged view of the viewpoint forms a beautiful panorama, worth visiting at least for the day. Nearby places to visit are the El Tigre Dam, the Galileo Vitale Dam. Also the  Villa 25 de Mayo , a historic site, with ruins of forts, centuries-old groves, old warehouses of general bouquets and old adobe houses.

Publication Date: 03/09/2020

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