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Let's take a walk around the mountain

Route 7 reaches the heart of the mountain. More and more are those who take a ride with their vehicle, to satisfy the desire of Cordillera.


Route 7 on its way through the     The Andes Mountain Range     is a real international broker. It is that it is the road that leads us to the main   border between Argentina and Chile   . However, in itself, this route of   high mountain   is a real tourist attraction. Your   more than 200 kilometers of route take us through all kinds of places, monuments and attractions.   It can be done in a private vehicle or in companies that offer the service. We tell you what this return is all about.

The idea is to leave early, no more than 8 in the morning. Kill in hand and retrace the route.   The first reference will be   Uspallata   , 100 kilometers   away from the city of Mendoza. But fate can be achieved by taking the   route 7   since its inception, in Agrelo. Or, it will take us a little longer, but   route 82 is another very valid option. This offers us a more catching landscape and a more entertaining path, passing through the     Potrerillos dam.  

Once in Uspallata, you can do many activities just around the corner. It is the scenario of the   Huarpe indigenous occupation   in the pre-hispanic times and valley that   serves to differentiate the end of the precordillera and the beginning of the frontal mountain range   . The property is within walking distance of Las Bóvedas. Historic adobe constructions very well preserved, in which Fray Luis Beltrán, chaplain of the   Army of the Andes   under the command of General José de San Martín, melted the cannons and weapons with which he would liberate Chile.

The road continues

The walk continues with the visit to the villas of   Picheuta, Powder and Punta de Vacas   . High mountain village with very little population, no hospitals and with just a school.   Then you access the famous villa of   The Penitents   , where is one of the ski resorts in Mendoza   , which runs from June to August and is a good setting for adventure tourism the rest of the year. Thanks to the service of a aerosilla it is possible to contemplate a privileged panoramic view of the area.

Later, in   Inca Bridge, 2720 meters above sea level,   the river   The Caves   has undermined the mountain forming a natural bridge to which hot springs emerge. Nearby is the Cemetery of the Andinistas. A short distance from the border, a magnificent natural viewpoint allows you to appreciate the splendor of the   Aconcagua hill.   An unpaved road that starts from the International Route, makes it possible to enter a few kilometers towards   the beautiful Horcones lagoon and the Aconcagua Provincial Park.  

Following the International Route, you will find the   customs complex of Horcones and a few kilometers later, already on the border with Chile, the town of Las Cuevas,   built in a European style, 3200 meters above sea level.

Between Las Cuevas and the international tunnel leading to Chile there is a snail route that, if the weather conditions are favorable, allows you to ascend towards   the monument   Christ the Redeemer   , located at 4200 meters high   , which symbolizes the fraternity between Argentines and Chileans. The return to the city of   Mendoza   is done by the same route.

Publication Date: 16/05/2019

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