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Las Heras offers free visits to the High Mountain

The proposal will feature thematic circuits, Sanmartinian routes, night hiking and visits to historic sites of Uspallata.

Las Cuevas pueblo

 The municipality of Las Heras incorporated, within the 2020 calendar, the realization of guided and free tours to the  Alta Montaña that will have tourithematic activities almost every weekend, Sanmartinian tours, night hiking and visits to historic sites of Uspallata.

From El Plumerillo Historical Field  to the last mountain village Las Cuevas, Las Heras has more than 200 kilometers away with different access roads, but with the same nature that distinguishes the department above others. places in the region at this time of year. The landscapes and stories that inhabit these places are a differentiating potential when it comes to promoting Las Heras.

Both the natural heritage and those forged by the hand of man who, due to the work of tourism development and promotion of the municipality , began to become visible and put themselves in value through circuits, exits and free tours to get to know both the urban, the pedemonte or the high mountain.ntilde; to lasherina under attractive themes that put the magnifying glass on the Routes Sanmartinian, astrotourism or rural tourism. 

 The circuits 

  •  Authentic Uspallata : offers this circuit to know the Bovedas, Cerro Tunduqueral and the headland, under the mystique of the Native Peoples that left traces in the mountain valley.
  •  Night hiking : the New Moon in the Municipal Archaeological Park Cerro Tunduqueral. Includes guided tour and astronomical observation by the Gama Amateur Group in one of the cleanest skies in the region.
  •  Land of Heroes : a tour traces the footsteps left by General San Martín's Liberator Army before the crossing of the Andes, starting from El Plumerillo Historical Field, passing through Canota, Route 52 to the vaults of Uspallata, then Puente Picheuta to the &Last village of Alta Montaña, Las Cuevas.

 “ We intend to continue to enhance mountain activities throughout the year in the department to develop a tourism that benefits both tourist providers in the area and people who come to enjoy the outings,” said Guillermo Barletta, Tourism Director of Las Heras.

Mountain guide Diego Ortiz, who has been part of several of the high mountain circuits, said: “As a professional, taking advantage of the summer with outdoor trips and places most people don't know is a great initiative. It allows me to educate from my place about the landscapes that we have to value and at the same time make known.” 

 “ Knowing where we live is a way of getting to know each other as people and as a society. And these tours seek just that,” said Teresa Rojas, a tourist guide of the Lasherina commune in charge of the night hiking trips visiting Uspallata, a proposal that this summer has become a trend for lovers of tourist adventure.

Source:  Diario Los Andes 

Publication Date: 03/02/2020

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