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Inca Bridge, must stop on Route 7

A centuries-old natural formation in the form of a bridge. The yellow of its minerals captures the attention of all
| 09 February, 2020 |

It is a guaranteed stop for any contingent of tourists who make the classic high mountain excursion. It is located on Route 7, 183 kilometers from the city and at an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level, just 20 kilometers from the passage to Chile – Yeah . Some attend this natural wonder because they know of its existence and want to see with their eyes what others told them or showed them in a photo. Others simply pass by because they are on their way to another destination, but are stunned by the color and formation of the bridge. Here’s why it should be a must-see on your trip to Mendoza.


The history of the Bridge begins with the Inca Trail and its legends. It was supposed to be known and frequented by this culture in order to take advantage of its waters with healing properties. There are constructions on the side and under the bridge with small pools where the thermal waterflows, which arises from natural slopes with a temperature ranging from 34 to 38 degrees. Baths are recommended for nervous, rheumatic and gynecological conditions, therapeutic for anemic, rickets and arthritic children.

The bridge has been formed by the action of mineral waters. The flow of the Las Caves broke through sediments deposited in the bottom and then cemented by the hot springs. These give to the area its coloration of oranges, yellows and ocher due to the large quantity of elements they carry as iron or sulfur.

Hotel in ruins

In 1925 it was built the Hotel Puente del Inca , which represented for its time a true luxury at the which were attended by the most important personalities. After surviving several weather threats, which had previously disabled the service of the Trasandino train, the hotel was destroyed by the devastating avalanche of 1965, but its ruins are visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The Legend

The name of the place comes from the legend that tells that, long before the arrival of the Spaniards, a great Inca chief had a son affected by paralysis and, after try all sorts of cures without result, heard that lands to the south existed a place where healing waters could end their misfortune. He then prepared a group with the best warriors and headed there. When he arrived, he looked astonished at the famous waters that came out of the earth, but from them was separated by a river which prevented him from reaching. Your warriors, without hesitation, embraced each other forming a human bridge, and thus reached the other side. The Inca walked over his back with his son in his arms and reached the hot spring where he found the long-awaited cure. When he turned his gaze back to thank his warriors,they had petrified and were already what we now know as the famous “Bridge of the Inca”.

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