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In Mendoza there is a tourist attraction like few

These are themed rooms of horror. You have 60 minutes to escape. If you've seen everything in Mendoza, are you going to dare to this attraction?


When you know until the last leaf of jarilla of the most remote mountain Mendoza. When you've already burned with our sun and have spent a little with our wines. There,  turi  s  mo will no longer be related to our nature and geography. That will be the time to allocate a couple of hours of your stay in Mendoza to an unusual attraction. Although only  for those who like to suffer a bit of terror .

In this note we tell you everything about  “Enigma, escape rooms” . This is a typical house of our beloved San Martín street. That is, a large, old mansion, with corridors, stairs, basements and spacious rooms. The attraction is “divided” into three parts and each is set and represents a certain situation such as  an asylum or basement of an old collector. 

These are themed rooms of horror

How does it work?

Once at the reception, turn by, a person, stuck in his character as a haunted house janitor, welcomes us and explains the rules. Basically, you tell us that you are going to enter a certain room and aims to get  out   in less than 60 minutes  . At that time, something “terrible” will happen to us. It is also explained to the visitor rules as that, in order to solve the different puzzles, it is never necessary to use force but logic and intelligence. Inside the rooms we find mirrors, keys, ropes, lanterns, padlocks, passwords, newspaper clippings, painted walls and a myriad of objects related to horror films that are used as new tracks. In addition, as a help, the group enters with an intercom to ask a maximum of 3 questions to the person who welcomed us and, of course, is outside the room. Oh, by the way, he can only answer yes or no.

Finally, it is important to mention that, to attend this attraction, it is necessary to make reservations. While prices range from $300 to $375, depending on the number of people going. It is only possible to attend as a  team , i.e. in groups of 2 to 7 people. This is because one of the objectives is to stimulate, precisely, teamwork. That is why it is good to attend with the whole family (under 12 years can go, but only with a senior manager) or with friends.

Publication Date: 03/12/2019

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