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Improvements in the mountain village of Las Cuevas

Tourism Authorities work in a first stage of signage. The village knew to be a main high mountain villa, once.

Nation, Province and Municipality articulate financial efforts and actions to promote tourism in the, for now, the only local enclave of the  National Authentic Peoples Programme.  Within this framework, the Municipality of Las Heras and Ente Mendoza Turismo coordinated various tasks of valuing in the high mountain village Las Cuevas.

Authorities went to the place to supervise the completion of the tasks of identifying emblematic historic buildings and facade painting . They were also able to observe the beginning of the installation of a  health service module, which will in the future be integrated into a  miniterminal for tourism transport. 

 The first renovations 

From now on, through information posters it is possible to identify the Hermitage of Don Orione, built in the village in the 70's in fulfillment of a promise made by the priest in 1936, on the occasion of a  rugged air crossing through the Andes Mountains. 

The signage

 Visitors will be able to recognize historical sites, such as the Old Customs Building, where the documentation and goods of travellers arriving in the country through the border crossing were carried out.  They will also access part of the history of the town by getting to know the Old Mail, whose building the postal mail was managed and where the telegraph was operated, the only bridges to overcome the isolation of railway workers, their families and eventual passengers. Another sign points to the building in which, between 1952 and 1978, the school of the children of railway workers operated, which also served as a library and community cinema.

This is part of the signage that has come to tell a story rarely known when  walking through the villa , in which constructions covered with stone, wood and roofs with larch tiles have played a role protagonist.

As a Pueblo Auténtico, the village  of Las Cuevas has already been equipped with 4G and Arsat digital connectivity , and progress is being made in improving infrastructure and training local entrepreneurs. Among the actions implemented and in process, are the cleaning operations for the optimization of views and sanitary situation, the placement of tourist signage, the regularization of the domain situation of buildings and villagers, among other issues that seek to revive this heritage site of the lasherins and all Argentines.

 The program 

10 of the country participate in the Authentic Peoples Programme, who have been distinguished for presenting cultural identity values that make them attractive for their tourism potential. Revaluing their traditions, history and idiosyncrasy, favoring local development and sustainability, are objectives that are being targeted by the intervention efforts, as is the case of the Municipality of Las Heras and the Government of Mendoza, in conjunction with the Nation.

Source:  Ente Mendoza Turismo 

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