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Huayquerías: a maze of clay wallings

The water was responsible for plotting these natural wallings 30 meters high. Once again, nature reminds us how small we are.

At  114 kilometers from the City of Mendoza  ,  sand and clay  wall carved by water for centuries stand. They are known as Huayquerías and, in some cases, exceed  50 meters in height . It is a real natural labyrinth that makes us rethink what we are and how long we last in the immensity and infinite of our world.

The name comes from the definition “zanjones caused by erosion”, in the Quechua language, or “Water Spears”, by the Mapuche nation and the Pehuenche peoples who inhabited the Sancarlino territory. It should be clarified that, technically, the area of the walls is known as  “El cañadón de la Salada” , which is inside the desert of the Huayquerías. However, it is locally “the Huayquerías”. It is also appropriate to mention that this is another one of those places that many Mendoza do not know, such as the case of Laguna del Sosneado, which  has also been discussed here. 

How to tour

The truth is that the area can be visited in a particular way or with contingents departing with a guide from the Directorate of Tourism of San Carlos. In case you decide to go in your private vehicle, you should know that you will have to pay a low value income, as it is a privately owned area. In the case of going with the municipal guides, it is also paid at the Directorate, but from there you will be transferred by combi to the place where the adventure begins.

The excursion can last  up to 2 hours , although some stay a longer time. It consists of something as simple as walking and contemplating. Touch, smell and listen.  A whole sensory experience . To the touch, the walls seem to be peeling. Reddish sand and clay fall at our feet and are swept away by the water streams that permanently cross the place.

However, the place is also tempting for adventure sports lovers. You can practice  mountain biking, trekking, abseiling  and other activities. Even, some motorcycles tend to retrace the roads between the maystatic wall.

 Magic in the desert of the Huayquerías 

With that name, the  Municipality of San Carlos  is driving a night journey,  on full moon nights . It offers a truly magical and mystical tour. Where lovers of energy and nature can have a truly special connection. The pollution-free sky allows the moon to ringworm the water from the streams and give a metallic brushstroke to the wall of the cañadón. A unique experience.