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High mountain routes, do not underestimate them

If for this summer you plan to come to Mendoza, here are some considerations for when you drive in high mountains.


 Mendoza  is a  tourist destination  chosen by thousands of Argentines every summer. Whether as a final destination, or as a step to travel to Chile. In either case it is very likely that, at some point, if you come in your car, you will be able to drive along the  winding roads of our precordillera or our high mountain . And, in that sense, we must mention that year after year, the mountain presents  accidents involving tourists . Sometimes, living in more flat and low-rise geographies, they are not used to traveling on this type of roads. Although, on numerous occasions, Mendoza themselves also contribute to the negative balance of our routes. In this note we leave you some  tips so that you can order and avoid any problems .


In the high mountain area the traffic of trucks and heavy loads in general is permanent. That's why you need to arm yourself with patience and wait for the dotted white line to allow you to overpass. There are specially widened stretches so that the truck runs in a second lane so cars can get ahead. Remember, as much as you think nobody comes from the front, respect the yellow lines. On our routes, many times, we think no one comes from the front, but it's just because we have an impending curve and at any time a vehicle may appear.

 Router code 

Trucks will usually notify when it is appropriate to pass them. They will put the turn light to the left and, if after a few seconds they don't take that direction, they're warning you that you can overcome them without problems. Open, speed up, and when you close back to your lane, activate beacons to thank.


The high mountain exposes you to many imponderables. Such as snowfall, avalanches or any natural catastrophe that can leave you stranded literally in the middle of nowhere. Therefore it is necessary to undertake a trip or walk armed with basic elements. Food and water is the most important thing. But you should also consider blankets, toilet paper, battery phone (in case there is a signal), etc.

 Full tank 

Always start your high mountain trip with the fuel tank at the top. No matter how much you're going to take a ride of 200 kilometers and think you have the naphtha you need to cover it. As the saying goes, it's better than about and not missing. In addition, on such roads do not abound  gas stations , quite the opposite. This is recommended for two main reasons. One is that we can find a route cut caused by  snowfall  or  avalanches  that forces us to return before reaching the nearest gas station. If we had little naphtha in the tank, we can hardly be able to complete our return. And another is that, in the same circumstances of route cut, we are stranded and in a zone of low temperatures. In that case, a tank with fuel can save your life as you can start heating.

Here are just a few  tips . Simple but that, on many occasions, will allow you to save yourself a real headache, if not it is a bigger problem.

Publication Date: 24/10/2019

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