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Crossing to Chile, literally, a procedure

This summer less, but it is still a destination chosen by thousands of Argentines. Note what you have to take and do when entering Chile.


Social circumstances in Chile have deterred Argentines from their idea of summer in the neighbouring country, but there are still a lot of people who seem determined to cross the mountain range to spend a few days at the beach. Above all, those of western Argentina, the farthest from the   Atlantic Coast   . And while it seems like a short trip,   with only 400 kilometers away between Mendoza and Reñaca, it usually takes a few hours   .

The   road to Chile   It's obviously mountain. This means that it is a   winding road, with slopes, sharp curves, animals on the route and other kinds of obstacles that make our journey longer even   . But, on the other hand,   is there a key factor   as to the time it took us to reach the destination. It's about   la   customs     .

  An international trip  

Traveling to Chile means traveling to another country. It sounds quite obvious, but the phrase connotes a myriad of aspects to keep in mind. We must   control   , for example, that   the insurance of our vehicle   have coverage in that country. It's important, too,   know the   traffic rules     because, in some cases, they are diametrically opposite. In Chile, you can override another car on both the left and right. Also, it is not obligatory to carry low lights on permanently. Among other issues.

But, surely, the most important thing to consider when entering another country are the   immigration and customs procedures   . To enter Chile, in terms of documentation, it is enough to   ID of every person who goes in the car   . That's what you have to   add the green card or driving authorization card of the vehicle   . Once entered into the   recently inaugurated customs building   , in Chile, we must follow the instructions of the not very friendly Chileans.

  To fill out papers  

But basically what we do is complete   two forms   .   One is about the kind of   luggage   what do we bring   with us. The instruction tells us what things we should declare in part and what things are part of the normally accepted baggage.   In 90% of cases our baggage is accepted without extra declaration   . The   another form is about the vehicle. There they ask us for data that appear on the green card   , such as chassis number, patent number, model, brand, etc. It is important to note that   the same person who enters the vehicle into the country is the person who must remove it.   That is, a person cannot enter Chile with the car and then take a plane to Japan, leaving the car in Chile. In that case, the airport authorities will get the information by system and will not let us out.

Continuing the procedure, after completing the forms we must dialogue with staff of the   Investigation Police (PDI)   who will ask us for our DNI and will see that our appearance matches that of the document.   Eventually   , the journey ends with   review made by the SAG   (Control of food entry) in our   car   .

The end

Once all has been completed, two factors must be taken into account. First,   When we leave the complex, we'll have to deliver one of the papers they gave us inside, with vehicle information.   The duplicate is delivered and we leave the original, which will be required at the Argentine customs office, upon our return. And secondly, we have to   carefully store migratory cards.   These are papers in the form of tickets and which have the inscription “PDI”: those will also be required on our return to the country.

Now you know what to do to chilecruzar   Chili   . It's not simple, but it's not the Theory of Special Relativity either. All you have to do is follow instructions and ask, always ask. Do not hesitate, ask.

Publication Date: 27/12/2019

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