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By bike to Cacheuta and Potrerillos?

We leave you the details and some tips of a bike trip to Cacheuta, but do you dare to get to Potrerillos?

que hacer en bicicleta por mendoza

Mendoza is an ideal land for adventure sports lovers. Its mountains and rivers define us.  Cycling has become an increasingly popular sports practice and, therefore, some circuits and routes have become a classic.  This is the case of the road that links the City of Mendoza with the town of  Cacheuta . And, for the most daring (and trained), there is the possibility of continuing to Potrerillos.

It is  42 kilometers that connect the City of Mendoza with the lukanina town of Cacheuta. The road has 70% of bicycle paths.  The rest must be pedaled on the route. Departing from the city, in the  General San Martín Park begins the bike road, which will take us to the famous square of Chacras de Coria. There, we can take Calle Boedo, Pueyrredón or Almirante Brown, to exit the Pan American Route (or Route 82).  Once we're on this artery, there's nothing but to go its way. In much of this route there is a bike path that will allow us to pedal more safely.

what to do by bike for mendoza

We advise  to bring plenty of water, fruits and some money. Along the way we will find many kiosks, warehouses, cafes, typical food places that can tempt us, and for which you have to be prepared.  

Regardless of  the time of year and the heat you can do, we recommend dressing in a short or shorts. But always with leggings with pad and refractory vest. This is fundamental, given that the journey is very long and can generate pain and numbness in our owners. The road is demanding, so we will quickly raise temperature, that is why it is important to go light clothes on the torso, only with a windbreaker for the   rain  , and at most a first skin under the short-sleeved shirt.

While the road is on the rise and, taking into account the height above sea level,  we will climb about 300 meters, the effort is very similar both on the way and on the return. In both cases we'll have to demand ourselves. It does not happen as in the going up,  tearing our muscles and turns down, without  pedaling . No. Here we are going to demand ourselves both on the way and on the return, without getting saturated in any case.

The journey has a  total duration of just over five hours round trip .  It is important to mention that we are contemplating 2 or 3 technical stops in each section, about 5 minutes each, to rest and hydrate.  

Finally  , we have talked about the journey to Cacheuta. That is to say that it is 84 kilometers in total (from the General San Martin Park to the   Cacheuta Colgante Bridge ). However, for those who have more physical rest and time, the journey is completed with the arrival to the Potrerillos dam. It's only 6 kilometres from the bridge to the dam. But steep and permanent slope. Even, with a series of snails, which half the cyclist climb them walking, with the bike next to it. However, a very light change and a very strong head, with well-trained legs, will lead you to accomplish the goal.

Publication Date: 12/01/2021

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