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Aquarium: marine animals in the Mendoza desert

Mendoza has an aquarium and marine specimens from any part of the world. Right on the driest soil in the
| 12 February, 2020 |

It is known that Mendoza was built in the desert itself. Only 5% of our area is cultivated. The rest is arid land and mountains. That’s why we worship any river or dam that adorns our landscape. But it is also surprising that we say that in Mendoza we can find sea turtles, sea turtles and fish of all kinds. Of course, the answer is because in Mendoza there is an aquarium.

The city’s municipal aquarium was opened in 1945. Exotic species such as eels, caimans, alligators and other animals have passed through it. captivated, over the years, the attention of thousands upon thousands of people. Not only tourists, but also Mendoza and students from hundreds of schools are the usual audience of the aquarium.

It contains local and exotic species of fresh and salt water. They stand out including the species of the Paraná River and a huge 90-year-old sea turtle about 15 years ago he’s been in captivity, named George.

It has adequate services to facilitate access for the disabled, has a hydraulic platform and a system of ramps that allows free movement throughout the entire route. It has an amphitheater, 3 water mirrors, 36 small LED screens with explanatory texts, a special enclosure that houses the Tortugo Jorge and a terrace where the enclosure of the Yacarés and reptiles is located.

The terrace and the terraces

With a modern architectural design, and by means of ramps, it is access to the new terrace where the enclosure of the yacarés is located and reptiles, about 50 m2 of glass walls and ceiling, with industrial coating that prevents the passage of moisture and has sand, water and pumice stone to recreate the natural environment of these species. In addition, a pond is added to the sky open for floating plants, moss and fish, 35 m2 recreating the habitat of aquatic life.

The aquarium is open from Monday to Sunday, from 9 to 19.30, and the entrances have a totally affordable price.

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