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An ecological reserve that very few know

In Potrerillos, among so much land, rock and little vegetation, there is an ecological reserve that very few know. Wet and green, captivate.


 Potrerillos , in Las Heras, is one of the most touristic areas of Mendoza. Mountain, rivers, streams, horseback riding and adventure sport are some of its attractions and activities. Another very common practice for tourists who spend a few days in their cabins is to go for a walk and walk the trails that cross the mountains.  Arid trails between cactus and jarillas. However, there is an ecological reserve that very few know and that offers us the possibility of entering a real microclimate.  

 Reservation Divisadero Del Plata  

In Las Vegas, within Potrerillos, nature has formed the Divisadero Del Plata, an almost unknown municipal environmental reserve, so we invite you to visit it. You can enter through the official entrance, from the urbanized area of Las Vegas, or from the back, with access to small houses in the same villa.

Either way, the change in the landscape is contrasting.  What, in principle, is one more of the many that exist in the mountain of Mendoza, dry and stony, becomes a real corridor between green plants, streams and lots of humidity.  

With an  area of just five hectares, the reserve seeks to preserve the native flora and fauna of Potrerillos. Four hundred specimens of cactus, varieties of jarillas, molles, sweet carob, alpatacos and aromatic herbs grow in the area . In addition, you can spot more than  50 different species of birds , as well as hares and foxes.

To ensure these natural values, the entry of motor vehicles is not allowed. This is, above all, for motorcyclists who are looking for this type of terrain to do their sport adventure. However, cyclists are allowed to enter, pedaling in the area, making it an unforgettable experience.


There are those who, circumstantially, come across this hidden  ecological reserve  . Those who did it was for following the sound of water falling. It is a totally atypical resonance for the area since, as explained in  this site ,  Mendoza does not enjoy large amounts of water running through its territory . That is why, at the slightest drop of that vital fluid, we are happy. The truth is that, walking near the area, you can hear that echo and head towards it. At that moment we will discover a  water jump of two meters , but with a lot of flow. In summer, the perfect plan is to walk around the reserve, raise temperature, and, in the end, stop for a while under the jet of water. Even, it's really refreshing to have some drinks.


The viewpoint offers a panoramic view of the entire Las Vegas Valley and Valle del Sol, framed by the Cordón del  Plata and the imposing 6200 meters above sea level hill  . A fact of color is that for years we treat this snowy summit that dominates Gran Mendoza with the honors of a mountain that exceeds 6000 meters. After all, the official data of the National Geographic Institute (IGN, former IGM) gave it 6,310 meters and the margin of error could not be so large. It turns out that it was and that the maximum exponent of the Cordón del Plata does not reach the height of six thousand meters.


As explained, it is an ecological reserve that very few know. Therefore, in the City of Mendoza you can hardly get information about your entry or tickets.  What we recommend is to reach (80 kilometers from the capital) Potrerillos, and there take RP 89 towards Las Vegas. When you arrive, consult the villagers because there are no sign signs.  

It is important to mention that no entry is paid, nor are there any entry times for the reservation.

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Publication Date: 20/06/2020

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By: Hector Lillo 20 June, 2020

Infórmese bien potrerillos pertenece a lujan de cuyo, el río mendoza divide los departamentos entre lujan y las heras

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