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Adventure park: sun, excursions and good life

In San Rafael this summer, Aventura Park awaits you. An innovative proposal for swimming pool and risk sports. We tell you everything.

The south of Mendoza has always been related to adventure sports and high risk. And now, this combines that adrenaline with the sun and summer heat and a good pool between mountains. Everything in the new Parque de la Aventura.

The Park  is located 27 kilometers from the city center of   San Rafael  .  You can enter cars, motorcycles or vans to the  parking lot  that offers shade, which is not a minor fact, given the verticality with which the sun hits at this time of year.

An income is paid that varies the value according to the time of year. It includes parking, shade, access to the toilets, mountain pool and stargazing talk. It is paid by all persons from the age of 3.

A very interesting fact  is that the entry of food and beverages (non-alcoholic) is allowed.  Important to note because we are not obliged to consume what they offer us on the premises, which is often more expensive. But, what yes, pampering with their pets should abstain, since their admission is not allowed.

 The picnic is set 

The plan is ideal. Go with friends or family. Arrive in mid-morning, cool off with the pool and start preparing the picada or what we have taken to eat. The afternoon continues to the beat of good music in the fresh water and with a privileged view. For that height we have already consulted the different activities and opt for some, such as rappelling. So, when the sun has already yielded a little, we ventured into such proposals, with all the safety measures and highly trained guides. Although it should be clarified that these activities have an additional cost to income. And, finally, we dive back into the pool, already with a farewell air and satisfaction for spending a beautiful summer afternoon.

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