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A walk through the Sarmiento Pedestrian

A handful of blocks, but full of history and attractions. Restaurants, bars and shops of all kinds. Tables on the sidewalk of the pedestrian.


Mendoza is not one of those big cities that have several pedestrians and open-air walks. That's why the  Sarmiento Pedestrian is very loved by all  Mendoza  and chosen by the  tourists . Clothing stores, wine shops, travel agencies, restaurants, bars, cafes and all kinds of shops are up to the offer in the area. 

 Sarmiento Street, in fact, is divided into two. Two parts of three blocks each. The first is the pedestrian.Those blocks end in  Plaza Independencia , the mother square of the Mendoza .   Next, another 3 blocks of vehicular street to Calle Belgrano , full of  restaurants  and bars, but whose analysis will be left for later.

The pedestrian

Now we occupy the first 300 meters.  The Sarmiento Pedestrian begins in  San Martín Street , in fact, that is the point that is known as the zero kilometer of Mendoza. The street is traced east-west. In the first block, with fountains and pergola, there are, more than anything, restaurants and cafes. Mendocinos in express meetings or relaxed tourists are part of the ordinary postcards . That first block ends at 9th de Julio Street .

 The second block already has a more varied offer. To the previous shops are added travel agencies, minimarkets, banks and  museums .And it also offers something that repeats throughout the pedestrian: central stonemasons and reckless cyclists .  These are obstacles that make the pedestrian promenade a more exciting event.  By this height we are already on Calle España. 

 Finally, the last block stretches between streets Spain and Patricias Mendocinas.Here we find the same offer as in previous blocks, although some important public buildings appear .  This is the case with  the provincial legislature. The house of the laws of Mendoza is located on the corner, in front of the square. 

In short, it is a walk that can be traveled in half an hour, at most. Afterwards, there is time to choose the best place and sit down and breathe air and world Mendoza. At both ends there is a  tourist bus stop. Definitely, a very picturesque path, which is best put  in vintage season, where the water from the fountains is dyed  malbec color.  

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Publication Date: 25/06/2020

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