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A virtual tour of the house of the winds

We invite you to visit the Trivento winery, its Art Space and the Los Vientos vineyard on an attractive virtual tour.

tour virtual bodega trivento

We invite you to take a virtual tour of Trivento. That way you'll find more reasons to schedule it on your next trip. In addition, you will find the appreciation of the team of winemakers about the wines, a sample of the Mendoza artists Fernando and Roberto Rosas and entertaining videos that accompany the tour, with a single click.

Winemakers constantly travel the world, bring wine and its culture, and also seek new knowledge, traditions and inspirations. As that reality changed as a result of the pandemic, many brands understood that a tool is needed to adapt to this new scenario.  “ This is how the idea of the virtual tour arose: to continue bringing winemakers closer to the world and to welcome everyone who wants to know our House of the Winds,”  said Juan José Gil, Brand Manager of Trivento and project leader to

 Click here to immerse yourself in the House of the Winds 

 Why did we invite you to Trivento? 

Currently our country has more than 100 registered wineries, which proves that it is an industry in constant growth and international recognition. Proof of this is Trivento, a winery of Argentine origin located in Mendoza. From its beginnings the focus was on its winemaking techniques. Among them stand out the use of stainless steel trunk-conical tanks with regulated temperatures, a technique used mainly to obtain the fermentation of red wines, which greatly favors their aromatic enrichment.

This dedicated work meant that in 1996, the prestigious Viña Concha y Toro Family of Wineries named it its subsidiary in Argentina.

 Guided Tours for when you go 

Led by staff specialized in wine culture (optional in Spanish, Portuguese or English), the visits at Bodega TRIVENTO begin in the vineyard “Los Vientos” where the characteristics of the terroir, the system of management of the plants, the sustainable irrigation system, among other topics of interest.

The tour continues through the winery that produces high quality wines, where the process of vinification and ageing in oak is shown.To finish the tour guide, he directs a wine tasting at the Art and Tourism Space where works by local artists are exhibited.

 Meet all the varietals of the vineyard Los Vientos told by winemakers.  Click here  

 Discovering Trivento 

Trivento means three winds: Polar, Zonda and Sudestada. These blow in the sunny and arid land of Mendoza.

 The Zonda descends  from the Andes throughout the year, manifesting more frequently in the spring. The gusts of hot and dry air help the sprout of the vine.

 The Sudestada  is the cool summer wind. Cloudy allows the rest of the clusters of the scorching sun. Thus the grape balances its metabolism and reaches its optimal ripening.

 The Polar  arrives from the south, high and dry announces the beginning of winter. The first cold fronts indicate the timing of pruning the vineyard.

Publication Date: 08/09/2020

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