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A snake zoo

A plan out of the ordinary. Visiting the Mendoza streamer is an activity that leaves everyone with their mouths open.
Un plan fuera de lo común. Visitar el serpentario de Mendoza
| 02 January, 2020 |

In front of the Municipal Aquarium, on Calle Ituzaingó, there is a rare tourist attraction among the usual activities of those who come to a city to get to know new things. Mendoza offers a walk through a 100-meter tunnel between multiple varietiesof snakes from different parts of the world. It is the Serpentary Centro Anaconda Mendoza, which is located in Calle Ituzaingó at 1420 of the City since its foundation, in 1960, on the initiative of the veterinarian José Gassull.

Within the types of snakes we can find there arelivesaursand snakeslikeanacondas,rattlesnakes,boa,yarará,lizards,monster of Gila,false coral,pythonsand others. All the offices are located in display cabinets arranged along a tunnel, distributed so that they can be closely observed. In each showcase there are information sheets that, among others things, they offer data on specimens, poison extraction, photos, pictures of injuries and tips in case of bite.

So far it brings together about 500 specimens of 40 varieties and species, both poisonous and non-poisonous. They come from all over the world, some from Asia, Africa, and others native like the yarará and rattlesnake. On site there are also informative and preventive talks, conducted by guides of the streamer.

Along with the municipal aquarium, and due to the proximity between the two complexes, the streamer is a very striking option for the boys, due to the possibility to meet exotic animals in a safe and controlled environment, be surprised with their shapes and colors and learn about both curious and useful things. Tickets are fully accessible, with a price of around 150 pesos for adults and 100 pesos for minors. The opening hours are from 9 to 19, every day.

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