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A magical valley in Mendoza

The Uco Valley offers landscapes, gastronomy and activities for every taste. 80 kilometers from the city, another place begins.


If you are a tourist interested in Mendoza, you sure have ever heard about   Tunuyan, the Historic Manzano, Tupungato, Las Huayquerias, The Wine Trails or the Diamond Lagoon   . They are all tourist attractions in one place,   the   Uco Valley   . It is a group of 3 departments   which, touristically, work together to position a brand that has definitely been installed as an unavoidable option for our visitors.


  Tupungato   , San Carlos and   Tunuyan   are part of the Uco Valley. And they are practically synonyms. This place in Mendoza   is located 80 kilometers from the City of Mendoza   , if we consider Tupungato, which is, of the 3 departments, the closest of those that make up it. It is recommended to access by the “Los Cerrillos” road. It's about taking that route from 40 to the west. The landscape is breathtaking and we go into the nature that awaits us later.   From Tupungato   , the most important thing in tourism are   “The   Wine Roads   ”.   It is a path that, mostly, starts in that department and ends at the limit and entrance to Tunuyán. Vineyards and   wineries   adorn our journey, with the   “Silver Cord”   in the background.


  The most important of the departments   that make up the Uco Valley. The largest and with the best tourist and gastronomic offers. The center is crossed through the very   route 40   . There you can eat a   historic Milanese in “El Gallego” or a classic loin in the “Ya Ce”.   From there the route to the tourist site par excellence,     the Historic Apple Tree   .   A place where there was once an apple tree that, they say, witnessed the passage of the Army of Los Andes towards Chile. This town is attached to the Cordillera. From there also starts a dirt road along which you can access multiple options   trekking   . In addition, the place has the classic restaurant,   “The Warehouse of Uco”, where you eat free grill   , to burst.

But Tunuyan is also highlighted by other aspects such as its rivers and streams, and trout fishing. And also for the offer of lodging, with cabins located in paradisiacal places.

  San Carlos  

The smallest of the three places. But with two really unique natural attractions. One are   the     Huayquerias     . Huge clay corridors   , naturally formed, they trace a perfect labyrinth in the middle of nowhere. The other great tourist option is     Diamond Lagoon   . A really majestic place   , where nature lives at its best.

  You want to know Mendoza, look what we have to offer  

Publication Date: 08/06/2020

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