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A diamond in the mountain

The Diamond Lagoon. Majestic. Epic. Mystical. Maystatic. A cult of nature. How to get there and what to consider to go.


La Laguna del Diamante has well earned its name. Some explain this by the  rhomboidal image  (diamond-shaped) that is generated  between the Maipo volcano and its reflection in the waters of the lagoon.  Others simply explain its name on the grounds that it is the lagoon that feeds the Diamante River. The truth is that, whatever it is, it is called Laguna del Diamante and it is really a gem, a real diamond in the mountain.

It is located  230 kilometers from the City  of Mendoza. However, the road to the  lagoon  takes  about 4 hours , at least. It's just that it's winding and complicated. It starts from the City of Mendoza by  motorcycle or van . Although, it should be clarified, that  with patience many cars  have been able to arrive as well.  It's 160 kilometers  down Route 40 to the south. Already entered the department of San Carlos, the detour is correctly marked in the direction of the lagoon. From there are 70 kilometers of dirt road and many stones. Large, pointed and always scattered product of storms, snowfalls and avalanches.

After about 10 kilometers we must park and  pay in Rangers the entrance to the property . The price is very low. From there the road continues, with straight lines and paths of curves and countercurves that well deserve the name of “snails”. About 20 kilometers before arriving, Maipo volcano begins to peek out. At that time we have already crossed the presence of guanacos and condors, attending an  altitude of 3300  meters above sea level, and  only 11 kilometers from the border with Chile. 

 The lagoon 

Finally, the lagoon is accessed. Immense. Huge surface and  70 meters deep . When you enter you continue along a perimeter road until you reach the other side of the lagoon, the west coast, could refer. There is  a stand there, you can buy some groceries  and then go on the way. Install the tent and start to contemplate nature in person.

As for our plan on the premises, if we plan to make something to eat, we can make fire. Responsibly and controlled. However, it  is necessary to take into account  the wind. Like all terrain in altitude and mountain, the wind is the order of the day. Finally, as a recommendation, do not fail to contemplate consciously the  immensity of the sky at night.  


It is common the presence of fishermen in the lagoon. Trout and other varieties of fish can be found in the cold waters of this water mirror. What is important to clarify is that if we go fishing, we have to  pay the permit in Ranger , when entering the property. This may be required if we are fishing in the lagoon and are exposed to a fine if we do not have it.

Publication Date: 28/02/2020

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