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A day in the Aventura Park

Mountain pool, extreme sports and a night chat under a stunning sky. This and much more offers the Adventure Park.

San Rafael is the capital of southern Mendoza. Its economic activity and its population define it. But above all things,  it is a real tourist center of western Argentina. But not about the tourism of   museums  and works of art. Far from that, San Rafael offers first level in terms of adventure and outdoor tourism. Therefore, in this note we leave you an option that has been installed in the summer calendar, for some years. Meet the Adventure Park.

It is a complex located  in the Las Tinajas district, about 30 minutes from the city center.   The property is located in the middle of the mountain. But not on any mountain. It is that, in this area, the mountains and their usual vegetation, are interrupted by huge, rounded rock formations. These features were ideal for the creation of this park.  The pool fit right, as well as, could perfectly adapt the adventure games that are proposed.  

 An idea that was hovering the head 

 Gabriel Bessone owns the establishment . He said that, since I was a child, he imagined such a park. For years he was thinking about the ideal place to build it. Once he graduated from the university, he contacted the owner of the area and bought his plot. There he built the Adventure Park.  “ The park already has 3 summers, and what we have this season,”  said Gabriel, during the midday of a day in pure sun, between fried  empanadas  , pizzas and some wines, which are part of what the place offers.

 Service and rates 

As for what the Park makes available to visitors, he said that “ the tourist is offered a proposal from 10 in the morning, until 23 hs. You enter and access the mountain pool, shadows, common spaces, tranquility, good music and connection with nature .” But, to all this, a totally innovative service is added. Taking advantage of one of the  cleanest skies in the world , such as the one that covers this sector of Mendoza, the Park offers a talk of stars in which a specialist explains the constellations and everything that is appreciated during the night, from that place.

The  cost of entrance to the park, including swimming pool and common areas, is 500 pesos per person. But, to make use of adventure games, as many times one wants, you pay 1,300 pesos  apart.

 First level adventure sports 

The relief of the area, the cañadones and the heights make the place ideal for activities to raise the adrenaline:  “Canopy, with three zip lines; rappel, which is the descent of walls by means of a rope; the Tibetan bridges, which are aerial games suspended in the cañadón, and are a real very personal challenge. Trekking, rock climbing and mountain biking.”   These attractions can be done as many times as you want, because paying for this service allows us to use it unlimited, from the moment we enter until we leave. Anyway, being of a moderate to can  physical demand  , there is also no desire to repeat it so many times.

Finally, it is always important to weigh the word of visitors. Thus, one Buenos Aires explained that “I already know Luján de Cuyo, but I had this part left.” As for prices and holiday spending, he said:  “Between two families it gets a little lighter, also because of not having come with the boys. I've been to the coast a lot, but it's kind of getting you tired, 'cause it's a daily routine. But not here, because you go to one side and the other, with a lot of nature, which is what Mendoza gives you.”  

Rating: 5.00/5.