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5 things to keep in mind to visit the Cavern de las Bruges

The Cavern of the Witches is a real natural wonder. The main attraction, of the many that Malargüe has. Here are some tips to visit her.


Some describe it as a huge natural mansion. The Cavern of the Witches  is, as its name suggests, a grotto formed, for millions of years, by the erosion of water in its cavities. This has generated multiple rooms, corridors, stalactites, stalagmites and formations of the most diverse and spectacular colors.   It's a unique experience that you can get to know better with these tips:

  1. It is located  500 kilometers south of the city of Mendoza , and 40 kilometers from the head village of Malargüe. The access road is passable by any type of vehicle.
  2. The entrance to the Cave of Las Brujas  is located at 1,930 meters above sea level. The entrance mouth measures almost two meters high by about eight meters wide, and immediately opens to a large hall (Malal-Rue) about 30 meters long by 20 meters wide and 6 high.   From this “central hall” narrower openings depart towards small galleries, which, as a whole, are estimated to  reach an approximate development of 5 kilometers  . Next, there are several “rooms” such as La Virgen, the Columnas and Flowers, where the work of millennia is reflected in curious and unknown figures.
  3. Your visit is  only by reservation and accompanied by an enabled guide . To enter you have to request a  shift at the Directorate of Tourism of Malargüe  or in tourism and travel companies in the city. It is noted that the excursion is not recommended for people with health problems such as blood pressure or difficulty breathing.
  4.  It can be entered throughout the year, depending on weather conditions . It is also important to wear suitable clothing such as long trousers, trekking shoes and coat, because of the temperature inside the cave. And always, carry a lot of water.
  5. Legend:  the name Cavern de “las Bruges” has to do with legends and myths that some guides and villagers in the area tell . One of them claims that hundreds of years ago,  a tribe of natives held two white women captive.   To prevent them from escaping, they had cut off the soles of their feet. However, the pain, one day they managed to escape from the tribe and took refuge in the cave. From that moment, at night times, you usually see two tattered and unarranged women leave there. They say, they  go out to find a new shelter , which they don't find and return a couple of hours later.

Publication Date: 31/03/2020

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