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5 programs to enjoy the Harvest in Mendoza

The Party steals all the flashes. However, during your time in Mendoza, there are other programs that will captivate you.
| 30 January, 2020 |

Coming to Mendoza for the National Harvest Festival invites us to do other programs and activities. Summer offers a huge range of options not to limit your trip to just go to the night of the central event, on Saturday. Surely your stay is for several days, in which you can take advantage of the following activities.

City Tour by the City

For $600 you can tour the main tourist and cultural sites of the city capital. It is done in a two-story collective, without a hood. It breathes the air Mendoza and is known to full the more than 20 places where you stop the vehicle. It’s an attraction for the whole family.

Main museumslocated in the city

A program for a rainy day. Foundational Area: arises as a response to the need for exhibit and preserve the archaeological remains collected between 1989 and 1991 from the excavations carried out in the old Cabildo de Mendoza. Museum of modern art: it is nestled in the most central square of the city, a key place for the main artistic activities and cultural. Natural Sciences, Cornelius Moyano: it is one of the most important of Cuyo occupies the building of the old resort “Beaches Serranas” in front of the lake. More than 80 are exhibited thousand copies in its sections of Mineralogy, Paleontology, Anthropology, Ethnology, Archaeology and Zoology. It has a library and Newspaper Library.

Traveled by the places

The city is crossed by 5 main squares. The mother square is Independence Square. Then, exactly located at the vertices of a square whose center is Plaza Independencia, are the squares San Martín, Spain, Italy and Chile. They all have their attractiveness in the framework of an activity that allows us to breathe in the meantime, for free.

Let’s go to the beach

In Luján de Cuyo is the beach of the Mendoza River. It can be accessed at , just 30 minutes from the City. The entrance is paid only per vehicle and food can be brought and drinks. On the premises there are 3 pools of river water, grills, foodtrucks and shows. Ideal for passing a rest program.

Metro Tram Ride

It’s a classic of Mendoza transport. The passenger train of our province. That’s why it arouses curiosity to own and others. The tour is completed in 40 minutes between the departments of Maipú and Las Heras. In its passage, it runs through the main points of the Gran Mendoza. A different way of moving. Ideal for sitting, looking out the window and thinking about life. You pay withSUBE.

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