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5 memories you have to take from Mendoza

After traveling to Mendoza, everyone will ask you for something. We leave you a list of five products that will make you look good with any friend or family member.

vendedora ofreciendo mermelada

First, let's transform this article into a real note of the funny section of this site called “How We Talk”. Just to make it clear that  the word “suvenires” is perfectly written , no matter how much noise it generates.

With this clear, we get into the note. When you come to  Mendoza , take this downloaded item on your cell phone. So you don't complicate your life to choose gifts for those people who never miss on the return of a trip, and they tell us,  “What did you bring me?”. This is what I brought you: 5 cheap, typical Mendoza and easy to get. 


Obvious. I couldn't miss it. Mendoza is the land of good wine, literally. There are vineyards in all departments of the province. This is why it is a very easy product to get and with a very tempting range of options. It is not necessary to go to a cellar to buy one.  Wine shops, kiosks, supermarkets and any trade will have an acceptable wine  to take to that guy who likes to steep his elbow.


This is not typically Mendocino. But they are the flavors I'm going to tell you. For example:  Rosehip Yes, in Mendoza there is a   sweet   flavored to a plant that, by itself, is not edible. But in addition, in the Uco Valley area, you can get pear jam, apples and other typical fruits of the region . As in any tourist place, jams with some of the most carried away soups.


Let's stop the ball here.  We know that alfajores are typical of the whole country . The Santaffesinos boast of their alfajores, the Cordovan also, even in North Argentina and Patagonia there is very good production. However, the province was represented by two brands of alfajores at the National Festival of Alfajor, where Chocolezza and Entre Dos won prizes. Particularly this chronicler recommends the second. That can't be missing. You've got two dozen. One you give it away and the other you eat it.

 Olive oil 

It is a pleasure to cook or season with olive oil. This product has grown a lot among the main industries in Mendoza.  A half-liter bottle is easily obtained in the main cities of Mendoza . Easy to carry in the suitcase, and you'll look like a champion.


Almonds, nuts, plums and dried tomatoes, among others. Perfect Souvenirs. Cheap and easy to buy anywhere in Mendoza.  Although, it would be best if you buy them on a trip to the Uco Valley.  There, the production of nuts is very high and you can get excellent quality at a better price.

 You want to know Mendoza, see what we have to offer 

Publication Date: 24/09/2020

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