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5 activities to do with children

We recommend 5 attractions to do with children in Mendoza. Stroll through the park, amusement park and the aquarium, among others.

Niños en vacaciones

Traveling with the family is a matter, but for some it is an unavoidable commitment. And it's not like family travel is a bad plan. Quite the opposite. They are often the most remembered trips when we appeal to our memory. When we get bored in the queue of the supermarket, we close our eyes and move, with imagination, to that beautiful place we once visited. However, some young marriages, who have small children, long for couple trips, honeymoon and rekindle the flame of love. But for that they will have to wait a few long years.  Now it's time to travel with the little ones. And, in that sense, Mendoza is an idea destination. Here are 5 things to do with children in Mendoza. 

 Visit the Aquarium and the Serpentarium 

In one afternoon both establishments are visited, as they are located on Calle Ituzaingó, in Ciudad, facing each other.  In the   Municipal Aquarium  you can see alligators, fish in general and the great attraction, the turtle Jorge. Meanwhile, in the serpentine you can meet different species of snakes, some poisonous . But, not to fear because, obviously, they are locked up and controlled. The little ones are usually very surprised after this double walk, ideal to do with children. They are located in Ituzaingó at 1400, about five blocks from the Foundation Area.

 Stroll through the General San Martín Park 

If the weather goes well, this park is an excellent plan to visit with the whole family.  We can sit at some parador for a smoothie or fruit juices. Or simply, we can walk and let the kids run  and discharge energy as it's a very safe place during the day. It's 420 hectares of a beautiful park. Pick up a map of the park at the Information Center, right inside the impressive entrance gates, which were sent from England and originally made for the Turkish Sultan Hamid II.

 Take an ice cream in Soppelsa 

 Ferruccio Soppelsa ice cream parlor  is a classic in Mendoza . Its ice cream has captivated the taste of generations after generations. Tourists can't resist and consume them too. There is a very varied menu for the little ones. It has many branches,  among which the Emilio Civit street stands out. 

 Amusement park in the shopping 

In Mendoza Plaza Shopping is located Neverland Park. It is a kind  of indoor amusement park that has a small roller coaster, some typical fairground games , a trencito, electronic games and other attractions to do with kids.

 Go to the movies 

An activity that can not be missed in a tourist destination. Mendoza has many rooms, but the most comfortable are those of  Mendoza Plaza Shopping and Palmares Open Mall . Watching a children's film with a bucket of pochoclos is a formula that does not fail to entertain the little ones. Ideal to do with children although, of course, a little more expensive than the others.

Publication Date: 11/09/2020

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