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Mendoza by paragliding

Mountains and winds are ideal to get to know the city by paragliding. A panoramic view with lots of adrenaline.
23 December, 2019

We have already talked about Cerro Ar co mendocino. This massif that is accessed by walking, with a lot of physical demand, and from which you get a spectacular view of the city and its surroundings. However, it also serves as a base for paragliding takeoff and flying through our sky. It is an unforgettable experience that you have to take advantage of, because our geography, winds and landscapes make Mendoza a unique place for this activity.

To learn more about this adventure, we consult the people of Zone Flight. Its owner and manager, Horacio Quiroga, summarized the experience: “Paragliding flight is a beautiful walk from the sky. Our company has 17 years of experience bringing tourists and complies with all safety measures. We are authorized by the Argentine Free Flight Federation, with license number 277. In addition, we are recognized by Ente Mendoza Turismo”.

With the confidence that these rules generate us, the journey flying through the skies by paragliding begins with the 4×4 transfer. We are accompanied by a two-seater paraglider with emergency parachute and instructor for each person, in case they decide to fly in pairs, so they fly simultaneously.

The facilities of the company include bathrooms, parking and supply at the base, from where the crossing departed in van, in case our companions want to wait for us.

The shifts start at 8 am, while the last one is at 17.30. The excursion, in total, lasts 3 hours, but the flight time estimated is 20 minutes. One last thing to keep in mind is that it is not we need to concentrate on taking our cell phone and taking pictures or filming as this is done by the same instructor.

Risk sport

Paragliding is considered a risky sport. However, the instructors are people of great experience, with 23 years of experience and with 17 years flying with tourists, without recorded accidents. “ The secret is to fully respect the weather conditions,” says Horacio, referring to the fact that many times you can climb to the top of the hill and be ready to take off, butthe wind and weather conditions can be unfavorable. In that case, you descend and try the next day .

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