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The mysterious tunnels of La Merced

Tunnels that cross mountains and offer camping service.

When we say that in Argentina there is tourism for all tastes, we do not exaggerate. Let's talk, if not, about the mysterious tunnels of La Merced, in Catamarca, just 55 km from the city of San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. These tunnels, which cross the mountains, were built in the 1950s with the aim that the railway could go to other provinces of the NOA and facilitate the connections. However, due to the climatic conditions of the area, it could never work because they were constantly.At present, the railway tunnels continue there, in the middle of the jungle, and became a tourist attraction point for adventurers and curious. But there is something else that attracts visitors there: there are those who have perceived strange noises and lights inside, and there is a legend that supports that theory. They say that during the construction of the tunnels, some of the workers who worked there died and that it is they who produce these sounds to prevent people from entering the site.For those who want to check it on their own, the place has a camping service with electricity, drinking water, space for camping, quinchos and bathrooms.

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