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Like a sea of stones

The Pumice Stone Field, in Catamarca, invites us to an experience from another planet.
| 14 January, 2019 |

Sometimes traveling around the country not only leads us to discover wonderful landscapes: sometimes we can feel that we are directly on another planet. Something like this happens in the Campo de Piedra Púmez, in the province of Catamarca, a “sea of stones” that surprises and hallucinates.
Located 63 km from Antofagasta de la Sierra, 10 km from El Peñón and 220 km from Belén, it is a huge extension where large formations of pumice stone stand out. With a quick look, it looks like a sea of white rocks and pink, ochre and yellow ridges, reaching over 50 meters high, located between immense white dunes and silhouettes of volcanoes.
There are more than 5,000 rock formations over an extension of 25 km long. This area is a direct testimony to the intense volcanic activity that the Andes had millions of years ago. Wind and rain were responsible for carving the different shapes to create these stunning natural sculptures. A little piece of Catamarca that not many know, but that is definitely worth doing.

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