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Time travel is what Talampaya National Park has to offer

Red moles that seem to embrace tourists, dinosaur footprints, geological formations of 250 million years, a clean and deep sky, are some of its attractions

Visitors to  Talampaya National Park, in the province of  La Rioja ,  have the feeling of traveling through time. Reddish moles, geological formations of 250 million years, land where dinosaurs inhabited, all this experience, undoubtedly, offers a trip to  prehistoric times .

The walls that can be observed were formed by the movement of the earth. Then the wind and water sculpted the rest. This unique show will make you feel that nature is the protagonist of this National Park, located in the center-west of the province.

It should be noted that, the triassic period sediments accumulated over millions of years in the depth of the  planet  emerged and were discovered by movements of the Andes Mountains. In this place you can walk in a few steps on soils corresponding to the lower, middle or upper Mesozoic.

Also, in Talampaya you can see huge cannons that have been formed by the clash of tectonic plates of the earth and the ocean. In this sense, Juan Latif, one of the guides of this amazing place, argues that before the floor was horizontal and then went vertical.

 Talampaya National Park Tour 

This territory is mostly crossed by dry rivers, which means that you can visit by bike, take walks or tour its attractions by 4x4 van, but  tourists  have to keep in mind that you always have to be accompanied by a guide to the area, caution should be exercised once the rivers take volume, sometimes where it drags branches and rocks.

 Can you camp? 

Once visitors from different parts of the country arrive at the National Park they decide to camp so as not to miss the spectacle that nature offers. The clear sky, deep as out of a story, accompanied by the moon and stars illuminate the Rioja night. Two years ago, two tourists told the local press that the place is surprising, that it has exceeded all the expectations they had before arriving and, in turn, you can feel that Talampaya provides a time trip.

In the  National Park  no matter connectivity technologies such as telephone signal or social networks, it is a place that connects you with nature and deep in this site there is a diversity of birds; such as owls vizcacheras, churrinches, caranchos, choiques, gunmetal hawks, pepiters, thrushes, blackberry calandries, woodpeckers, and white egret; as well as wild animals such as foxes, and pumas which are watched by the rangers of this territory.

One point to note is that only three percent of the 213,000 hectares of the National Park are public access, where during the day several excursions are carried out to tour the canyons and geological formations. For example, the Talampaya Canyon is the most amazing, which is located in the middle of walls, up to 150 meters high, with different shapes like a small botanical garden. You can reach here by bike or trekking but if you want to continue to travel to the most hidden formations it is necessary to go by van or 4x4 truck, in this instance we are already referring to the excursion called “Safari Aventura Plus” where you can tour the different sectors in these areas Large vehicles, such as overland truck. It should be clarified that, the duration of this tour requires 24 hours.

Regarding the Rainbow Canyon, which is visited next to the Lost City, it has a different income. Local guides recommend tourists to go on a second visit to the Park and have another day for excursions inside. It should be remembered that, its multi-colored saws resemble the hill of the seven colors of Purmamarca, Jujuy.

Another fact that distances us from prehistory is that green formations account for sediments of 230 million years, red ones 240 million years old, and pink ones 250 million. White cracks corresponding to salt accumulation can also be observed; other grays, which are formed by volcanic ash, and yellow, by sulfur oxidation.

In this way,  Talampaya National Park  provides a connection with nature, where you will feel that you are traveling other times, perhaps slower and leisurely where you can contemplate its spectacular landscape, reddish mountains and an immense sky that is illuminated by the moonlight and stars at the evening fall.

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