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Laguna Brava: where silence and calm reign

The Laguna Brava Provincial Reserve, in La Rioja, offers an experience of peace, nature and harmony to its visitors.

The Laguna Brava Provincial Reserve, in  La Rioja , is one of those places that make us feel like we enter another world. An arid and colorful atmosphere, with a multiplicity of wonders for the view: salt flats, herbaceous steppes, diaphanous skies, intense sun, all framed by perfect silence.

This Reserve is named Laguna Brava because  it is the largest area of water in the whole region , with an area of 17 kilometers long by 4 wide. Located 450 kilometers west of the provincial capital, and more than 4000 meters high, the Reserve has an area of 5000 hectares and was created in 1980 to preserve the vicuñas and guanacos communities that were on the verge of disappearance as a result of poaching.

The serenity experienced by touring this multicolored valley — with mountains dotted with blue, orange, green, violet and brown — is difficult to describe and allows us to enjoy an environment with an excellent degree of conservation of virgin nature, whose rest we do not want to interrupt.

Rating: 4.50/5.