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Famatina, the paragliding school

Famatina, in La Rioja, has viewpoints ideal for paragliding. A land sought by those who want to live the dream of flying.

La Rioja

Famatina is located a few kilometers northwest of the capital of Rioja and about 1670 meters above sea level. It is one of the most technical mountain flights in Argentina and summons the best in the   paragliding   .

The natural conditions of the place create, throughout the day, different flight possibilities. Some are more suitable for all audiences and others — by the hour, weather and   horn   — Only suitable for experienced riders.

Paragliding is perhaps the most natural way to   fly   that we have, since our body is in contact with the wind. It is a unique opportunity to enjoy a flight.   Feel the adrenaline   and see   La Rioja   from the sky, allows you to admire the greatness of the place.

Those who want to fly and feel the pleasures that only Rioja's sky gives should reach Famatina. Once there you should head towards Cuesta Vieja; this place is a viewpoint and a meeting point. In Cuesta Vieja you can contact instructors and define what is the return experience you want to enjoy. The place has roads enabled for any type of vehicle; the bus and regular service minibuses also arrive at the place.

Paragliding in   La Rioja   is not exclusive to Famatina; in the capital you can also live the dream of flying. Those arriving in the province to fly must go to San Francisco Avenue Km 7. In this location is the entrance to the Antonio Montero airstrip. Like Famatina, this place brings together practitioners and instructors.


It is always necessary to hire professionals and specialists in the subject. Find information and take all necessary security fees. Paragliding is a unique activity, and we must do everything to make it safe.

Publication Date: 01/06/2020

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