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The frosty region

A difficult region to visit, but no less important for all who love this country


If there is an Argentine region that is far away and unknown to us, it is Antarctica. The ice that covers it makes it difficult to delimit the land from the water, which even gives it a mysterious aura. However, many wonders are hidden under that cold mantle. Argentine Antarctica or Argentine Antarctic Sector is between the meridians 74°W and 25°W, the parallel 60°S and the south pole. This area is claimed by the Argentine Republic, which considers it one of its geographical regions and an integral part of its territory. Its estimated surface area is 1,461,597 km², of which 965,314 km² correspond to firm land. It is covered by a thick glacial shell, where 80% of all the ice in the world is concentrated, making up the largest freshwater reserve on the planet. Temperatures range from 0 °C in summer to -60 °C in winter, although at certain points it can drop to about -82 °C. Due to these harsh weather conditions, there are hardly any plants. The vegetation consists of about 350 species of lichens, as well as algae, mosses, bacteria and two flowering plants:  Deschampsia antartica  and  Colobanthus crassifolius  . The vast majority of terrestrial animals found are arthropods and comprise about 50 species; the most abundant are non-parassitic acaras and thisanides, a small primitive insect. However, Antarctica has some inhabitants that give them color to their days.iacute; os: penguins, albatross, petrels, cormorants, skuas, whales, sperm whales, sea lions and seals. In turn, marine fauna is abundant: there are about 200 species of fish. Antarctica is a difficult region to visit, but no less important for all who love this country.

Publication Date: 02/10/2018

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