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The Gran Castillo Pampeano

This year, 108 will commemorate the inauguration of the Castle of Luro Park in La Pampa. We tell you a little about this attractive pampeano.

La Pampa

Many curious people arrive in Santa Rosa de La Pampa with the illusion of visiting the  only natural reserve in the world of caldén . 30 kilometers from the capital city, this unique species of tree is the protagonist of the landscape next to the famous Luro Castle.

There tourists arrive to explore the different trekking trails, visit the interpretation center and observe typical birds of the area. They are also possible to spot, during the fall, deer.

 About El Castillo 

It was built by Don  Pedro Olegario Luro  in 1911, within an area of 7500 hectares that could only be reached by rail. The landscape at that time was desolate and mountainous, however, the cosmopolitan idea of progress in Luro was latent. He designed the largest hunting ground in the world and the construction of a French-style mansion. The magnitude of the work echoed in the village, and thus the  image of that house was born as a great castle .

Declared in 97 as a  National Historic Place,  today it is considered one of the most important attractions of Santa Rosa, in La Pampa.

 Visiting the Castle 

Although the house has its doors closed, it is possible to know it from the hand of tour guides of the city. Visitors from all over the world arrive to discover that luxurious building of the past.

An air of freshness is felt when entering the building. The aroma of parquet of yesteryear goes back to tourists to the post-modern times of the 80s. On its ground floor, the library, a large dining room, a living room and the facilities for the service staff are still preserved.

On its upper floor, family rooms are distinguished with some curious objects such as a booter. There the homeowners left their dirty shoes for the service staff to wash them and then take them to the rooms.

Today, like yesterday,  there is a top floor window that still enchants visitors.   From there, you can see a flamingos lagoon and the caldén reserve.

The visit to the house also includes a tour of the carriage hall, the model drum, tank of the million; all remarkable constructions of the time.

The castle landscape is accompanied by birds. While the brama season is in March-April, it is possible to see birds throughout the year.  About 160 different species can be seen in Luro Park . Parrots, teros, woodpeckers, churrinches, loicas, jotes and calandrias are some of the native species of the place.

 Visit the Reserve 

The Parque Luro Provincial Reserve can be visited every day from 9 to 19. For non-resident visitors to La Pampa, the ticket is worth $60 per person, while for residents, it is $20.

Guided tours of the castle are available from Monday to Monday, from 10 to 18. These have a duration of 50 minutes and are organized in groups of 10 to 15 people maximum. The value is $40. Finally, it is possible to enjoy the restaurant El Quincho that there is La Reserva, with a varied local gastronomic offer.

Publication Date: 10/03/2020

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